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In my dreams you’re always near
-- blutengel

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Blutengel"Blutengel was formed in 1998 after Chris Pohl had decided to give up the preceding project Seelenkrank. Just as its predecessor Blutengel uses melodious electronic tunes in combination with both female and male voices. However, the topics of the songs have been expanded and now cover all sides of love and romance. The first album 'Child Of Glass', released in early 1999, soon conquered the clubs and the hearts of the already existing fan community but also attracted a huge number of new fans with songs like Weg zu Mir and Beauty of Suffering. Kati Roloff and Nina Bendigkeit were responsible for the female vocals at that time. In 2001, the band formation changed as Nina had managed to cut her own successful path in the last two years and therefore Gini Martin joined the band as the second female voice alongside Kati. Constance Rudert who was only supposed to add some new spirit to the single Black Roses had her first guest appearance on stage together with Kati and Gini in the Casino in Berlin and soon became an inherent part of Blutengel - after Kati and Gini had left the band together (to form Tristesse De La Lune). (...) Chris Pohl later on managed to find a second equal female voice in Eva Poelzig."
-- Avatar,, 4/04

 Blutengel Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1999: Child of Glass

Tracklisting: 1.Introduction 2.Beauty of suffering 3.Goddess of lies 4.Weg zu mir 5.Das Blut der Ewigkeit 6.My time 7.Desire 8.Du tanzt 9.Leave the world 10.No god 11.Warrors of destiny 12.Suicide 13.Demon of temptation 14.Footworship
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2001: Seelenschmerz

Tracklisting: 1.Welcome to the suicide (intro) 2.Seelenschmerz 3.I'm dying alone 4.Der Spiegel 5.Schmerz 1-Liebe 6.Die with you 7.Run away 8.Soul of ice 9.Schmerz 2-Lust 10.Bloddy pleasures 11.Children of the night 12.Schmerz 3-Einsamkeit 13.Any chance? 14.Road to hell 15.Schmerz 4-Tod 16.After death (outro)
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Blutengel - Angel Dust***¼ 2002: Angel Dust

Tracklisting: 1.Angel dust I 2.Stranded 3.Vampire romance Part I 4.The end of love 5.Iron heart 6.Our time 7.Wonderland 8.Angel dust II 9.Black wedding 10.I will follow 11.Silent death 12.Angel death 13.Keine Ewigkeit 14.Night of sin 15.Vampire romance Part II 16.Angel dust III
"This 'Angel Dust' recording surpasses 'Seelenschmerz' in overall polish and production. Basically, Chris has matured even more as a musician compiling songs of greater structure, atmosphere and melody while still retaining energetic rhythms and beats along with deep emotional singing. (...) There are only three instrumentals that play at the beginning, middle and end of the disc. The other thirteen songs include vocals. And there’s a lot more female vocals this time. (...) The style is dark EBM/darkwave. There are no heavy electro-industrial songs offered here. (...) The music is made up of well layered and textured electronic programming and bass beats frantically playing over beautifully dark and haunting melodies. The singing by both Chris and his female guests is clean and clear with emotion and passion."
-- Darklight,

Blutengel - Demon Kiss***¾ 2004: Demon Kiss

Tracklisting: 1.Angels of the dark 2.Forever 3.Silent tears (for you) 4.In the distance 5.Solitary Angel 6.Love killer 7.Sensless life 8.Navigator 9.Stay 10.Ice angel 11.Go to hell 12.Resurrection 13.Frozen heart 14.In my dreams 15.Verzweiflung

"(...) 'Demon Kiss' in my opinion is their best album by far, since it has no weak moments, sounding more complicated and varieful, romantic and melancholic yet so dark and vampiric. Christian “Chris” Pohl and his dark mistresses return better (and not only – just look at the pictures, pure dark/vampiric aesthetic) than ever and ready to conquer the German scene (and not only) with 15 songs of absolute greatness. The sequencer’s effects, the at times imposing and groovy whilst at others soft and rhythmic beat, the wonderful keyboard melodies and the painfully sweet-sounding piano pieces along with the deeply emotional and esoteric lyrics perform the absolute Blutengel manifest. Chris Pohl’s “cold” imposing, yet so expressive (giving meaning to every single word!) and full of emotions, voice harmonizes beautifully with Constance Rudert (enchanting beauty!) and Eva Poelzing’s ethereal passionate voices evoking a banquet of emotions."
-- RozzWillams member on

Blutengel - Labyrinth***¼ 2007: Labyrinth

Tracklisting: 01. Into The Labyrinth 02. Singing Dead Men 03. A New Dawn 04. Beauty And Delight 05. Dreamland 06. Gloomy Shadows 07. Shame 08. Body Move 09. When The Rain Is Falling? 10. I Remember (Everything) 11. Lucifer 12. Sunrise 13. Behind Your Mask 14. Engelsblut 15. Escape (Outro)

"The global production has been seriously improved resulting in an outstanding vocal performance by Chris Pohl and well-crafted, danceable and dark electro-pop arrangements. The female vocalists Constance Rudert and (new addition) Ulrike Goldmann remain the angelic and wafting side of the band, bringing the listener into sensual vibes. 'Labyrinth' features 15 songs and for sure several new hits. My personal favourites are the more danceable and club-minded Gloomy Shadows and A New Dawn. Both pieces perfectly illustrates the strength and sonic identity of Blutengel, which is characterized by a very personal electro-pop sound. The lyrical content of Blutengel evokes again a feeling of dark love stories next to a constant feeling of sadness. We’re here like walking through a labyrinth where even Blutengel will have some difficulties to find an exit. A kind of reverie suddenly appears at the surface, being characterized by the wafting “When the Rain is Falling”. This remarkable track reminds me a bit to the particular sound of Yendri. Blutengel probably released its most diversified album. So I’ve been also caught up by the more EBM-sounding Body Move. One thing is sure, Blutengel rules in a musical style they’ve created from their own imagination."
-- DP,, 11/07

Blutengel - Schwarzes Eis***½ 2009: Schwarzes Eis

Tracklisting: CD1: 01. Behind The Mirror 02. Kind der Nacht 03 City Lights 04. My Nightmare 05. Pure Life 06. The Only One 07. Dancing In The Light 08. Schneekönigin 09. My Darkest Night 10. The Dream 11. Dreh Dich nicht um 12. Broken Girl 13. Secret Places 14. Schatten 15. Nightfall
CD2 (Behind the Mirror): 01 Mirror I Birth 02 Mirror II Journey 03 Mirror III Confusion 04 Mirror IV Seduction 05 Mirror V Hope 06 Mirror VI Suffering

"In less than a decade’s time, the group headed by singer and mastermind Chris Pohl has become synonymous with a unique and often imitated stylistic symbiosis of Gothic, Pop and electronic club music and has shaped an entire genre. (...) Their new long player 'Schwarzes Eis' is easily Blutengel’s most versatile and ambitious work to date; the group manages to fuse the best of all its different creative periods and to cross borders without sacrificing its own identity. There have always been two sides to the Blutengel-equation – the club-compatible, rhythmic, “harder” and the elegic, pompous and romantic side. Both poles have been driven to perfection on 'Schwarzes Eis': the rhythmic tracks sound more minimal, danceable and dark and have returned a bit of the cold, often slightly distorted feeling of the early days. The emotional side has been interpreted in such dense and exciting sound fields that it has become an absolutely intense experience. Songs like the charts-hitting single Dancing In The Light are a picture-perfect example – the catchy, dark sound of Blutengel has matured, but at the same time feels as fresh and compact as it hasn’t felt since 'Seelenschmerz.'"

Blutengel - TranenHerz 2011: Tranenherz

Tracklisting: 1. Tränenherz – Prologue 2. Über den Horizont 3. The lost Children 4. Save me 5. Irgendwann 6. The watcher 7. Ordinary darkness 8. Reich mir die Hand 9. Down on my knees 10. Doomsday 11. Undone 12. The End 13. Das andere Ich 14. Ein Augenblick 15. Tränenherz – Outro

Release date: Feb 18, 2011

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