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"Created by Negative Format's Alex Matheu, Parallel Project brings together a diverse selection of vocalists over intriguing electronic backdrops and rhythms. The Project delves into many genres, from Trance, to EBM, to Downtempo, Ethereal and Breakbeat. A mixture of club and mood driven tracks that rides the borders of several electronic music genres."

 The Parallel Project Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***½ 2004: Fusionaudio

1. Alchemy (feat. vox by Salva Maine of Culture Kultur)
2. Failure (feat. vox by Sandrine Gouriou of Sieze)
3. Contrast (feat. vox by Ned Kirby of Stromkern)
4. Explicit (feat. vox by Tom Shear of Assemblage 23)
5. Motive (feat. vox by Rashree Matson)
6. Recogntion (feat. Daniel Myer of Haujobb)
7. Dissolve (feat. vox by Jennifer Parkin of Ayria)
8. Drowning (feat. vox by Clint Carney of System Syn)
9. Space And Fiction (feat. vox by Darrin Huss of Psyche)
10. Memory (feat. vox by Courtney Bangert of God Module)
11. Trigger (feat. vox by Victoria Lloyd of Claire Voyant)
12. Deleted scenes (feat. vox by Mark Jackson of VNV Nation)
13. Consequence (feat. vox by Kristy Venrick of The Azoic)
14. Glimpse (feat. vox by G. Wygonik of Cut.Rate.Box)

"... fourteen industrial/wave/dark electro scene vocalists have been collected together, each recorded one song (with the exception of the ubiquitous Daniel Myer, who offers his sample manipulation expertise instead), with Alex Matheu of Negative Format providing the musical accompaniment. (...) Tom Shear's appearance on lead single Explicit is a fairly routine affair (very Assemblage 23, in fact), but lightened by a tuneful series of epic-style keyboard stabs in the chorus. Salva Maine from Culture Kultur does much the same, whilst Mark Jackson (of VNV, no less) makes a rare vocal appearance on Deleted Scenes. It's reasonable enough, but lacks the sense of conviction so typical of his band's frontman. (...) Darrin Huss of Psyche features on opening track Space and Fiction, but his words are heavily obscured by the mix,... (...) Sandrine from Seize puts in a good performance on Failure, providing some nice backing for herself, even if the music isn't as creative rhythmically as her regular band. Fellow Alfa Matrix diva Jennifer Parkin (of Ayria) goes for the full Ibiza Euphoria treatment, however. Doubtlessly it'll get club play, but does it really belong here? Kirsty Venrick from The Azoic puts in a more forceful performance on the energetic Consequence, even if it is ultimately a club-friendly dance track with voices playing second fiddle to all the trance dynamics. (...) The potential to produce a scene-wide 'super album' was there. Given that the guest players regularly sing dream-pop, drum n'bass and high-speed electro-industrial, it seems a shame that we've ended up with a future pop album. Only Trigger and Contrast really deviate from the formula successfully, and they're buried away on the later stages of the CD..."
-- Jonny EOL,

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