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Artist Listing: A - F G - R S - Z
Till Lindemann. Vocals
Christian "Flake" Lorenz, Keyboards
Richard Kruspe-Bernstein, Guitar
Paul Landers, Guitar
Oliver Riedel, Bass
Christoph Doom Schneider, Drums

"Well-known for courting controversy with their onstage props, including a giant ejaculating prosthetic penis, Rammstein have previously shipped platinum in the US and many European territories, despite their obstinate - and quite justified - refusal to sing in English. However, this trend-bucking means that the attention of the non-German speaker starts to wander as Mutter goes on, especially as Till Lindemann's sinister whisper of a voice suggests he's telling a dirty joke most of the time. Mein Herz Brennt seamlessly melds classical music with metal, and Feuer Frei is an incendiary rocker, but the lingering suspicion is that it all probably makes so much more sense when accompanied by a giant artificial phallus. "
-- Valerie Potter, Q Magazine, 4/01

 Rammstein Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1995: Herzeleidaudio

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***½ 1997: Sehnsuchtaudio

"Rammstein music featured in David Lynch's Lost Highway and it sounded just fine in such a context. Not unlike a Teutonic Marilyn Manson, Rammstein construct dense industrial rhythms that bang away like heavy machinery as singer Till Lindemann growls and barks in an hilariously mannered Aryan fashion. Freddie Starr would approve. Trent Reznor certainly does, having personally selected two Rammstein tracks for the Lost Highway soundtrack. Sehnsucht (yearning) is music for weird people. It is also bizarrely catchy, especially the whistled hook in Engel (angel) and the Europop overtones of Eifersucht (jealousy). A very odd record indeed."
-- Paul Elliott, Q Magazine, 12/97

***¼ 2001: Mutter audio

"The stomping goosestep rhythms and industrial Eurometal. The barked German lyrics. The guttural grunts, the rolled Rs and phlegm-clearing Hs. The typically Teutonic, totalitarian aggression and oppression. The slightly scary Nuremberg-rally chants. Yep, it's a Rammstein record all right. Admittedly, these 11 songs have a little more Wagnerian pomp and operatic grandeur than their first two studio albums did. But don't be fooled -- the title Mutter may translate as Mother, but this is still music to invade Poland to. Music that will put the eins zwei drei fear into you. Music to make you confess, old man. And do not be foolish and try to resist them. Remember -- they have ways of making you rock."
-- Jam Showbiz, 4/01

*** 2004: Reise Reise audio

Tracklisting: 1. Reise, Reise 2. Mein Teil 3. Dalai Lama 4. Keine Lust 5. Los 6. Amerika 7. Moskau 8. Morgenstern 9. Stein um Stein 10. Ohne dich 11. Amour

"Reise, Reise, like all bands fourth albums represents a solidification of everything that has gone before, and is unlikely to change any opinions. Fans, however, will uncover a few surprises upon listening to this record. Los is a low-key, acoustic affair with Southern fried guitar touches and harmonica included. Amerika is typical Rammstein, serious topics with a dose of sarcastic humour constitute the lyrics (We all live in Amerika, Amerika ist Wonderbar) and sledgehammer riffs hammer away, yet, in typical Rammstein style, it retains an operatic feel. A step back from the more complete 'Mutter', but showing frequent flashes of brilliance nonetheless. But ultimately, whether or not you’re going to fall in liebe with 'Reise, Reise' will depend on whether or not you can stomach the vocals, something that shouldn’t be an issue but unfortunately is. If you are what you eat, as Till Lindermann proclaims on Mein Teil, then I wont be consuming this latest offering as it isn’t to my taste."
-- Andries,, 9/04

2005: Rosenrot audio

Tracklisting: 01.Benzin (Gasoline) 02. Mann gegen Mann (Man against man) 03. Rosenrot (Rose red) 04. Spring (Jump) 05. Wo bist du (Where are you) 06. Stirb nicht vor mir (Don't die before me) 07.Zerstören (Destroy) 08. Hilf mir (Help me) 09. Te quiero puta (I love you, bitch) 10. Feuer & Wasser (Fire & Water) 11. Ein Lied (A song)

"(...) Rammstein seem to go out of their way to go in a direction that sounds epic, pompous and elegant; however, they end up sounding plastic and generic. They try to counter this overpolished aesthetic by including various silly brass sounds, squeeky guitar solos or Spanish vocals; however, instead of the experimental vibe that these elements were likely to provide, the music on 'Rosenrot' sounds ridiculous. A band should be able to live up to their legacy and Rammstein is totally unable to do this on 'Rosenrot'. Instead, it seems like they are trying to pretend that they are indeed still this superbly original and unique band from Germany that is ready to take on the whole world. Sadly, they really aren’t relevant at all anymore (although their videos are still pretty cool and their songs are likely to appear on MTV and in the radio again). They are no longer making any statement about keeping a national identity in the world of commercial music and more importantly, they no longer make diverse albums made up of well written songs."
-- jupitreas,, 11/05

2009: Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da

Tracklisting: 1 Rammlied 2 Ich Tu Dir Weh 3 Waidmanns 4 Haifisch 5 B****** 6 Frühling In Paris 7 Wiener Blut 8 Pussy 9 Liebe Ist Für Alle Da 10 Mehr 11 Roter Sand
"Sixth time around and Berlin exploratory metal pundits Rammstein are back in the saddle with a new studio slab following a four-year layoff. Delivered mostly in German, Rammstein’s latest offering 'Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da' is hell-bent on engaging their audiences with updated schools of thought to their frequently dance-oriented stamp metal. Some have been wondering if Rammstein ever intends to match the full-on chug-strut of their breakout hit Du Hast, much less the shake-your-nu-metal-groove-thang of Engel or even the steadily-thumped antipop of Amerika. Well, not exactly on 'Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da', but the album is entertaining at times. Parts of this album deliver energetic, pounding industrial metal, which should satisfy longtime devotees such as the heavily throbbing Waidmanns Hell and the stoic march ode, Ich Tu Dir Weh. (...) Though nowhere in the same league of issuing dense tonal crushes as their previous albums, Rammstein now appears more interested in expanding beyond the band’s expansive frontiers tapped on 'Reise Reise' and 'Rosenrot'. Then again, don’t expect things to be a full departure from Rammstein’s button-pushing past, most especially from the brainless yet undeniably hooky Pussy."
-- Ray Van Horn, Jr., The Metal Minute Blog, 10/09

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