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Dein Schatten
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Line-up: Dieter Bornschlegel, aka bornzero

Dein Schatten is a new project by a guy named Dieter Bornschlegel, who I believe is active in the German music scene for about three decades now. In this period he played in numerous bands, and he has tried about every musical style imagineable. This new project aims at a place in the EBM/gothic crossover scene, somewhere between Rammstein and Joachim Witt. The music is rather accessible, clearly meant for chart success.
The theatrical, spoken vocals (in German) are indeed Witt-like, but also make me think of the late Falco. A dramatic track like 'Trane der Seele' can't really be taken seriously. A few guitar sounds can be heard on the album, but the music is mostly electronic. Some songs rock a little more, like 'My name is Lucifa'.
-- HD, funprox.xom, 10/02

 Dein Schatten Discography - Album / CD Reviews

**¾ 2002: Ewiges Eis

Track Listing: 01. Woanders Sein 02. Dein Schatten 03. Schuld und Sünde 04. Er kommt zurück 05. Das Tier 06. Ewiges Eis 07. Free 08. My Name Is Luc(if)a 09. Tränen der Seele 10. Geister in Mir 11. Abschied 12. Woanders Sein (radio edit) 13. Hallo?

"Dein Schatten is a new Darkwave, EBM, Gothic Rock project, somewhere between Rammstein, ASP and Joachim Witt powered by the guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter (german Language), Dieter Bornschlegel is a pioneer of the German rock history. He is just publishing his album 'Ewiges Eis"', a mixture of melancholy and mania that asks you to dance. The Band`s first single 'Woanders sein' was mixed by D-Kay, Timo Domati, Air Liquide, Bliss for the dance floor. The medias around the World are enthusiastic. Tests which were conducted in several clubs promise a position in the Top 20 of the Independent Charts. "
-- Ussi Christian Absi

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