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The 69 Eyes

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The 69 EyesLine-up:
Jyrki 69 - vocals
Bazie - guitar
Timo-Timo - guitar
Archzie - bass
Jussi 69 - drums

"'WastingThe Dawn' was The 69 Eyes's first international release on Roadrunner Records. In 1999 with its unique concept of Gothic melancholy mixed with hi-energy rock'n'roll roots of the band, the album not only brought some long-waited fresh blood into the Gothic scene but also launched a new term to the media: Goth'n'Roll. The album's epic melanGothic TOP 10 hit single WastingThe Dawn paid a tribute to The Doors' Jim Morrison and even had HIM's Ville Valo posing at a snowy cemetery as Mr. Mojo Risin' on its video. (...) In the spring 2000 the band released a single Gothic Girl which changed everything. Months on the Singles TOP 10 and on the Finnish national radio's playlists Gothic Girl brought the first gold record to the band. Like this gold-gone taster single the highly anticipated new album 'Blessed Be' was produced by Johnny Lee Michaels who as "the sixth member" of the band did all the arrangements and handles all keyboards and programming on the album as well.

 The 69 Eyes Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1992: Bump N Grind

Debut album from the Helsinki, Finland rockers. Very loud like Iggy & The Stooges, Motorhead, etc.

1995: Savage Garden

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1999: WastingThe Dawn

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The 69 Eyes - Blessed Be***½ 2000: Blessed Be ...
Tracklisting: 1. Framed in blood 2. Gothic girl 3. The chair 4. Brandon Lee 5. Velvet touch 6. Sleeping with lions 7. Angel on my shoulder 8. Stolen season 9. Wages of sin 10. Graveland 11. 30
"The 69 Eyes may be notorious nowadays, - at least in scandinavian countries - for their cheesy goth'n'roll, that is pop rock tunes delivered under gothic rock packaging, via Jyrki's deep dark voice. While it's difficult to take these Finnish boys seriously, not even in their best moments, their work on 'Blessed Be' is a decent effort that shouldn't be entirely dismissed. Full of gothic rock clichés (what better than Gothic Girlfor a song title!), the music on this record is catchy, and full of stellar guitar riffs. And, to this date, this is the only 69 Eyes album I can wholeheartedly recommend."
-- DJ Avalanche,, 2/05

Paris Kills*** 2002: Paris Kills
"I have heard them spiral from an almost L.A. Gun-ish glam band to Finland's answer to Type O Negative. Paris Kills, The Eyes' sixth full-length offering, is a tad more lighthearted than it's funereal predecessor Blessed Be (my personal favorite), which may have something to do with them moving up the label ladder and their steadily ascending notoriety. Still, the first single Dance D'Amour, Betty Blue, Forever More and the totally Type O Don't Turn Your Back On Fear are all bonafide Goth classics, with most of the credit going to the hypnotic droning of Jyrki, whose throaty lamentations blend the best bits of Peter Steele, David Bowie and Billy Idol. "
-- El Niablo,

The 69 Eyes - Devils**¾ 2004: Devils
"The first single from the album Lost Boys, is the obvious hit song, really an amazing piece of rock’n’roll in it’s hybrid between Cult and Billy Idol, and a song that finds its way to the CD-player’s repeat button quite easily. Feel Berlin, Jimmy and Nebiosoare also potential hits with their more rock-based and faster sound. As a complement to this, 'Devils' also invite you to some slow dances like Christina Death and Only You Can Save Me where the dark voice of Jyrki69 (close related to the likes of Pete Steele, Glen Danzig and Ian Ashbury) really makes a mark. Still the thing that makes the sound of 69 Eyes stand out is the sometimes almost 80’s mode you can get from the keyboards and programming in the background making the production maybe a bit nicer, but also more modulated and interesting..."
-- Stefan Axéll, Moving Hands, 12/04

The 69 Eyes - Angels2007: Angels
Tracklisting: 1. Angels 2. Never Say Die 3. Rocker 4. Ghost 5. Perfect Skin 6. Wings & Hearts 7. Star Of Fate 8. Los Angeles 9. In My Name 10. Shadow Of Your Love 11. Frankenhooker

Release date: March 6, 2007

2009: Back in Blood
Tracklisting: 1. Back In Blood 2. We Own The Night 3. Dead N' Gone 4. The Good, The Bad & The Undead 5. Kiss Me Undead 6. Lips Of Blood 7. Dead Girls Are Easy 8. Night Watch 9. Some Kind Of Magick 10. Hunger 11. Suspiria Snow White 12. Eternal

Release date: Sep, 2009

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