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Artist Listing: A - F G - R S - Z
Peter - Lead Vocals & Guitars

Xavier - Guitars & backing Vocals
Stijn - Bass
Marc - Drums

Utz - Synths

"STAR INDUSTRY saw the light of day in mid '96. The band recorded their first album "Iron Dust Crush" in one of the most professional recording studios in Europe (Galaxy studio's, managed by Luc van Acker) during August and September '97. The CD was released in November '97 and distributed in Belgium by Purple Moon and in the UK by Nightbreed Records.
The members are influenced by different bands like Stabbing Westward, Killing Joke, Front 242, Sisters Of Mercy, etc..."

 Star Industry Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***¾ 1998: Iron Dust Crush

Track Listing: Nineties, Carry Me, Crush, Egypt, Ceremonial, Sodium Haze,Bloodmoon, Be Real, Lady Daylight, Children

"This best-selling album has been newly re-issued. Excellent forward moving goth dance, in the vein of older Rosetta Stone, Sisters of Mercy, or Suspiria, but with chunkier drums. Heavy guitars and synths allow for a slightly more updated, aggressive quality perfect for smoky dancefloors."

***¾ 1999: New Millennium E.P
Track Listing: New Millennium, Kings and Queens (cover of Killing Joke), Like a Ghost, Sodium Haze (new edit)

Includes the title track dancefloor hit, a cover version of Killing Jokes 'Kings and Queens', an unreleased edit version of the popular 'Sodium Haze' and a hypnotic new song: 'Like a Ghost'.

***½ 2001: Velvet
Track Listing: Until Eternity, Faith, Heart Man Angel, Coming Down, The Look (cover version from Roxette), Believe, Fire & Ice, Horizon, Like a Ghost (remaster), Another Solution, Feast

"Limited version of the new album from one of the biggest gothic discoveries of the last decade. Eleven tracks, of which 9 are brand new compositions, one ('Like a Ghost') is a re-recorded new version from their 'New Millenium ep' plus a cover version of Roxette's 'The Look'. A winner for fans of the Sisters / Mission / Merry Thoughts."
"The Belgian Gothic act return with a new release that wanders further away from their Sisters-esque sounding debut. Strong Gothic Rock the way it used to be - with catchy songs, good guitar riffs, and dark themes. On Purple Moon Records. "

***½ 2007: Last Crusades
Track Listing: 01. Lost Generation 02.Pray 03.Forever 04.Out Of My Head 05.Sin 06.Last Crusades 07.The Return Of David Gun 08.Substitudes 09.The Spirits Within 10.Fall From Grace

Musicfolio picks: Last Crusades, Fallen from Grace, Lost Generation
"... with 'Last Crusades' Star Industry prove that they are one of the best bands at the moment in the gothic rock scene. (...) Peter Becker's deep and intense accent, something between Carl McCoy and Andrew Eldritch, keeping the alluring sharpness of the first and the deepness of the second, but also adding a personal edge to the overall interpretation, surrounds the listener and creates dreams or nightmares in the air with his vivid vocal lines, living every single word he utters, the passion is everywhere and it comes straight from the heart. The addition of the female vocals on some songs like on the intense and atmospheric title-track is always welcome since it's done in a fabulous way and paces beautifully with Peter's vocals. The use of the keyboards and the electronics is genious, for one more time from this Belgian gothic rock combo, and evokes the ideal atmosphere, either floating melodies adorning with more emotion the aesthetic of the album, or more intense and dynamic ideas strengthening the powerful feeling at the moment they make their appearance. The guitar work is almost menacing at times, having a heavier sharper edge, or more traditional gothic rock, offering a variety of expressions that works really well in the compositions ...
-- DerRozzengarten,, 3/07

2008: Black Angel White Devil (live)
Track Listing: CD1 (live in Madrid): 01. Out of My Head 02. Ceremonial 03. Pray 04. New Millennium 05. The Return of David Gun 06. Enjoy the Silence 07. Coming Down 08. Nineties 09. Forever 10. Sodium Haze

CD2: (Iron Dust Crush 2008) 01. Nineties 02. Carry Me 03. Crush 04. Egypt 05. Ceremonial 06. Sodium Haze 07. Bloodmoon 08. Be Real 09. Lady Daylight 10. Children 11. City of Light 12. Last Crusades feat. Maxi (Elysion) 13. Crush (Essence of Mind remix)
Release date: Nov 14, 2008
"A live album immortalizing unique moments from Star Industry's last European tour. 'Black Angel White Devil' combines the band's timeless classic hits like Nineties, Ceremonial, etc. with their most recent successes from the Last Crusades album like Out Of My Head, Pray and their cover of Depeche Mode's excellent Enjoy The Silence. The limited edition of this album includes a bonus CD featuring a remastered version of Star Industr's debut album 'Iron Dust Crush' with a bonus remix of Crush by label mates Essence Of Mind and another collaboration with Elysion's female singer on a new version of Last Crusades."
-- press release

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