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We are the second generation,
We are a nation of innovations
-- The Merry Thoughts
The Merry Thoughts
Marvin Arkham & Co
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Marvin Arkham - Vocals

Sonja Jordan - Guitars
The Thoughtmachine - Drums, Strings, Bass, Synthesizers
Pino Eichhorn (1993), Aldi Althaus (1996)- Guitars

If you are to copy a band, either do it right or simply don't; well these guys did it to perfection. The Merry Thoughts are the ultimate Sisters clones, and one of the few bands out there that can truly be mistaken for The Sisters of Mercy. From the lead singer's voice who skillfully captures the Eldritch tonality, to the guitars, bass and drums, all carbon copies....well they even have the equivalent of Doktor Avalanche and they called their Drummachine: the Thoughtmachine!
But enough with the comparisons, the quality of the songs is as good as -if not better than - some Sisters songs...oh! here I go again comparing.
Both of The Merry Thoughts' full length albums, 'Millennium Done I: Empire Songs' and 'Psychocult' are highly recommended. I can't think of a single flaw on either.
Said Sukkarieh, Musicfolio, 6/01

 The Merry Thoughts Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1993: Second Generation (EP)

Track Listing: 1. Second Generation (radio edit) - 2. Second Generation - 3. Black Day - 4. Boy Sinister

**** 1993: Millennium Done I: Empire Songs

"Classic debut album from Germany's most highly regarded Sisters band. This album is without a doubt the best album by any Sisters of Mercy influenced band ever. The sound this group create is like a mixture between Floodland and Vision Thing only much better!"

1994: Pale Empress (EP):
Track Listing: 1. Pale Empress - 2. I Wanna Be Your Dog - 3. House of Pain (Trick Or Treat) - 4. House of Pain (Kashmir Side Effects)

****¼ 1996: Psychocult
"More than three years after their debut, THE MERRY THOUGHTS have finally presented us with another long playing record: multifaceted, yet the deeply embedded style does not deny their Gothic roots. It offers a whole range of songs produced with high atmospheric density to push you onto the dancefloor. Direct comparisons have to be ruled out: just the imaginative instrumentalisation and production alone already speak for themselves.

In a nutshell, 'Psychocult' comprises nine well-devised, sophisticated tracks whose quality should fascinate everyone who has a liking for good, high-class, deep rock music."

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