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Mainly influenced by the likes of the Sisters of Mercy and The Mission UK, this Ohio based band has successfully revived the gloomy goth sounds of the late 80s with a blend of industrial influences that very few bands came close to achieving. Their first releases go back to 1996 in the form of a low quality sound EP: "The Zero Decade", followed by " Memoirs: A Premonition" in 1997 that included outstanding tracks such as Run, Resurrection and Shell full of Sand. Gossamer captured the media's attention in 1999 when Wayne Hussey remixed songs from their latest two albums. The remixed track Run appeared on The Unquiet Grave compilation released in 1999. Gossamer are in negotiations for a record deal with Carpe Mortem Records to release songs featured on "Memoirs" and "Sweetest Misery" on a new album titled: "Closure".
-- Said Sukkarieh, Musicfolio, 3/00

 Gossamer Discography - Album / CD Reviews

** ½ 1995: The Zero Decade

Produced on a 'cheesy old 4 track', it's not an album worth searching for. The good songs appearing on this CD are remixed on "Memoirs" later in 1997. But no matter how cheesy the sound quality, one could tell that this debut lays the grounds for a very promissing talented goth act.

*** * 1997: Memoirs: A Premonition {short description of image}
"Despite the band being placed within the gothic category, their sound could be best described as dark pop. They blend a style of gothic and trip hop on some songs while also utilizing more classical Celtic sounds for some of their ballads. It is not often that a total marriage of vocals and instrumentals come together to draw the listener in with the degree that this band has. The first noticeable thing that stands out is the lead vocalist, Chris Gray, who has a deep, seductive and masculine sound that would make anyone swoon. Mr. Gray manages to transform lyrics into realms of subtle passion and pain. The lyrics themselves are at times wrist slashers and among some of the more mournful that I have heard in quite some time. .."
-- Mike Ventarola,

***½ 1999: Sweetest Misery {short description of image}
"This Ohio outfit is the darkest goth's gothic music and it's absolutely beautiful and exceptionally well done. With a hand from Wayne Hussey (sisters of mercy), the professional production shines through and makes this goth group stand far (very far) above the crowd. (...) It's the deep, soothing and powerful vocals that make the music of this quartet such an emotional listen and the long drawn out musical passages create a seamless atmosphere of sorrow. With commercial edge, Run (wayne hussey mix) is reminiscent of past goth bigwigs like Sisters of Mercy or The Cure, and Gossamer, just as talented. Lightly plucked guitar and minimal beat start the grim beauty that is shell full of sand but again, it's the vocals of chris gray which lend perfection to an otherwise already exceptional piece of harmonic melancholy."
-- Sal, Raw42 Music, Toronto, CA

**** 2000: Closure {short description of image}
"The long anticipated Gossamer release is out, and the wait was worth every minute! For the first time, a full label release is available for those who have come to love their distinct and haunting sound from various compilation appearances and web based music sites such as MP3 and Riffage.

(... )All of their songs were redone to give the fans an alternate version from what they have come to know and love from the online music services, and a NEW song was added in as well. It is hard to believe that this group could ever improve on their sound, but that they did and with this release, they show you what they are made of.
(...) No other band thus far has managed to create and maintain a more darkly sensuous atmosphere. When one thinks of typical gothic music, words and emotions related to macabre, spooky and gloomy usually come to mind. In some way, Gossamer incorporates all those essential qualities that makes a great goth record, but somehow Chris Gray weaves some type of invisible spell with his vocals to totally mesmerize the listener"
-- mavjb, Mike Ventarola, via reviewers, 11/01

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