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1999 Top 15 Albums:

   Artist  Album  audio
15  Switchblade Symphony  The Three Calamnities amazon
14  Love is colder than death  Atopos lictd
13  Star Industry  New Millenium EP Star Industry
12  Diary Of Dreams  Moments of Bloom
Best of + 4 additional new tracks
11  One (Australia)  Walk the Mercy Mile  MP3
10  Lacrimosa  Elodia amazon
9  L'Ame Immortelle  Wenn der letzte Schatten fällt CDnow
8  The Creatures (Siouxsie Sioux & Budgie)  Anima Animus amazon
7  Marc Almond  Open all Night
Features Siouxsie Sioux on the track "Threat of Love"
6  Gossamer  Sweetest Misery MP3
5  Faith and the Muse  Evidence of Heaven amazon
4  Wolfsheim  Spectators amazon
3  Various Artists (Cleopatra)
Diary of Dreams, Black Atmosphere, The Last Dance, Bella Morte, Rhea's Obsession, Advent Sleep, Written in Ashes, Gossamer...
 The Unquiet Grave
Music from the Gothic, Darkwave & Ethereal Underground (V.1)
32 tracks!
2  Dreadful Shadows  The Cycle amazon
1  Clan of Xymox  Creatures amazon

Other 1999 notable releases:

 Artist  Album  audio
 Die Form  Histories
Best of 1980 to 1997
 Attrition  Jeopardy Maze  CDnow
 Therion  Crowning Of Atlantis  CDnow
 Tori Amos  To Venus and Back  CDnow
 Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke  The Insider (Soundtrack)
10 songs by LG/PB
 Hednoize  Searching for the End  CDnow
 Peter Ulrich
Ex- Dead Can Dance percussionist
 Pathways and Dawns  CDnow
 Black Tape for a Blue Girl  As one Aflame Laid Bare by Desire  CDnow
 Gene Loves Jezebel  VII  CDnow
 David Sylvian  Dead Bees on a Cake  CDnow
 Crematory  Act Seven  CDnow
 David Bowie  Hours...  CDnow
 Various Artists
(KTel Records)
 Goth: Music of the Shadows Vol 1.
Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, All About Eve, Fields of the Nephilim, London after Midnight, Switchblade Symphony and more.
 The Last Dance  1999 Tour CD
includes tracks from the upcoming Regret album
 Brendan Perry(ex-DCD)  Eye of the Hunter  CDnow
 Cocteau Twins  BBC Sessions
2 CDs set
 Bjork  All is Full of Love
New Single
 The Creatures  Hybrids
Mixes from Anima Animus
Features Bauhaus, The Creatures, PIL, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Tones on Tail...
 The Blairwitch Project  CDnow
 Bauhaus  Gotham
The live album from the Resurrection tour!
 Various Artists
London After Midnight, Rhea's Obsession, El Duende, Faith & Disease, Lycia ...
 Excelsis  CDnow
 Inkubus Sukkubus  Wild  MP3
 Evereve  Regret  Evereve's site
 Seraphim Shock  Nightmares For the Banished  SS' site
 This Burning Effigy  Descent  CDnow
 This Ascension  Sever  CDnow
 House of Usher  Cosmogenesis  Official site
 The Mission UK  Resurrection/Greatest Hits
Re-recorded versions of their classics. Includes the new track Without you.
 Temple of Venus  18th May 1980  TOV
 VNV nation  Empires  CDnow
 Tristania  Beyond the Veil  CDnow
 Beborn Beton  Fake  official site
 Diorama  Pale  accession
 Apoptygma Berzerk  APBL98  APB
 Dark Side Cowboys  High  DSC
 :wumpscut:  Eevil Young Flesh   CDnow

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