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She chose to wander from their narrow way
To grow too far, too soon.
-- "Petals", WIA
Written In Ashes
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From the underground scene of Portland, OR, comes this early-goth influenced line-up, who already released their first full-length CD "Eternal"back in 1997. The track Nightfeast from their debut album was featured on 'The Unquiet Grave' compilation in 1999, and it sure captured the attention of quite a few gothic music lovers. Sounding very much like Bauhaus -especially Kevyn's blatant voice resemblance to Peter Murphy's- Written In Ashes deliver dark and haunting melodies with style. Critics will point however to a lack of originality as most WIA songs will echo that strange familiar sound from an early 80s The Cure or Bauhaus tune...but again, didn't we all get hooked on that low bass beat?
Their next full-length album "Epiphany" is due early summer 2000.
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 7/00

 Written In Ashes Discography - Album / CD Reviews

*** 1997: Eternal

Track Listing: 1.Your Ghost 2.Nightfeast 3.Petal (Like the Night) 4.The Promised 5.The Burden 6.Heavenly Host 7.Gossamer 8.Expulsion From Eden 9.When the Sun is Low 10.Europa

"(...) a mix of moody pop reminiscent of The Cure of the early '80s and ethereal-Goth, echoing Sisters of Mercy. However, "When The Sun Is Low" and "Heavenly Host," with strains of violin over guitar grooves, stand out as the stronger songs, which also happen to veer away from the keyboard-inflected sound that pervades the rest of the CD. "
-- Curtis Waterbury,

**¾ 2000: Epiphany audio

Track Listing: 1.Shattered & Gone 2.And the Stars Sang 3.(When I) knew 4.Inside of you 5.See the Truth 6.Sinners 7.Wash Away 8.Will of Wills 9.Inauspicious 10.Please 11.Terrapin
"Oregon based band Written In Ashes expounds upon the next wave of gothic music with their latest release Epiphany. The immediate thing to catch the listener's ear is the fact that the vocals are not done in the usual deep booming tones with every song that one associates with similar gothic rock music. This may cause some whiplash to those individuals who remain in a time warp reverie listening to a multitude of bands who sound the same with every release. Kevyn, the lead vocalist, has a strong tenor voice and is not afraid to push it to the limit. The band obligingly accompanies the vocals, turns the chords up an octave or two and delivers a bevy of tracks that cross the boundaries from gothic metal, shoegazer to gothic/new wave crossover. The band does excel best with the more lively fair than some of the more somber songs, but that is simply a matter of choice dependent upon mood at the time of listening, so they were wise to provide enough of both."
-- Mike Ventarola,

2004: Written In Ashes audio

Track Listing: 01. Solemnity VI 02. The Sea 03. All I Never Wanted 04. Of Hell, Hope and High Water 05. Pale September 06. Lament For Lanore 07. By The By 08. Maskin 09. Unfaith 10. Gypsum Rain (hallowed ground mix) 11. Solemnity VII 12. Gypsum Rain (original)

"Written In Ashes' self-titled release features a new sound and lineup for 2004. Written In Ashes is the new sound of Goth featuring the talents of group founder Kevyn Hay along with music veterans Ashe Ruppe (The Elysium Facade, Trance to the Sun, and Nocturne~pdx~), Jason Carter (Black Winter, Love Nancy Sugar), and Damon Law (theStark, sexwithsarah). WIA has been likened to the 80's Goth sound infused with modern darkwave and industrial grooves. I call it Neue-Goth but what use are labels? Call it what you want their sound is sure to make a lasting impression on both the rock music scene as well as the goth/industrial 'underground'. With a dark and intricate mixture of instrumentation WIA combines dark melodies and danceable electronics. "
-- press release, Latex Records

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