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We Dance to Remember
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The Last Dance
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Artist Listing: A - F G - R S - Z
- Jeff Diehm(vocals)
- Peter J. Gorritz(bass)
- Rick Joyce (guitars)

"People will inevitably compare The Last Dance to Saviour Machine because of their progressive, luscious, fancy-flowing guitar work, soothing singing, minimal dark ambient synth work and artistic lyrics. But that's where the comparsion ends, as The Last Dance makes its mark without the instrumental and choral extravagance that the current Saviour Machine material is known for. "
-- Richard Maaranen, Automata reviews

 The Last Dance Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1995: Tragedy (EP)
Track Listing: 1. Do You Believe In Angels 2. City of the Gods 3. Lullaby 4. She’s Dancing 5. You 6. War
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1996: Fairytales
Tracklisting: 1. Bethany 2. Fairytale 3. Hide 4. Prelude 5. Violet's Wedding 6. Painted Glass 7. Mantra 8. Into The Ghost 9. Now & Forvever 10. This Tragedy 11. Innocents 12. Gently Down 13. Violet
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***½ 1998: Staring at the Sky
Tracklisting: 1. Do You Believe In Angels (EuroDance Mix) 2. Flesh 3. Mystery 4. Do You Believe In Angels (Falling Star Mix) 5. Inside (Kane Remix) 6. War 7. Do You Believe In Angels (Violet’s Song) 8. Do You Believe In Angels (Screaming Kitty Mix)
"Staring At The Sky is a remix CD that incorporates various electronic elements into the unmistakable, romantic goth rock sound of The Last Dance. There are eight tracks here on this full length CD. The hit Do You Believe in Angels appears in four new mixes plus there is one remix each of War from the Tragedy album and of Inside from the Fairytales album. Then Fleshand Mystery are entirely new tracks added for this release. The four Do you Believe In Angels remixes are the crux of this album. Euro Dance Mix and Screaming Kitty Mix sound almost the same, both adding in steady streams of pulsating electro sequencing, though the bits of surreal vocal layering in the latter case is especially cool. (...) In the Falling Star Mix the focus shifts to the delivery of sweet melodies from the guitars and synths at an easier pace. The fourth remix, entitled Violet's Song Piano, is along the lines of the piano solo Violet from the Fairytales album. The tempo is dropped way down and the depth of instrumentation is dramatically diminished to a poignant piano and one soft male voice. "
-- Richard Maaranen, Automata reviews

*** 2001: Perfectaudio
Tracklisting: 1. Parade 2. Fairytale the Storm 3. Regret (2002) 4. Winter 5. Without Words 6. Lost 7. The Hautning (2002) 8. Lullaby 9. Perfect 10. 10 11. Perfect (The Eleven Mix) 12. Winter (Standing Still) 13. Do You Believe in Angels (EDE)
"Jeff Diehm's voice deliberately descends into the deepest of emotions, and transcends to places where the soul may not rest and the heart may not want to exist. Couple such extremes with semi-erotic melodies that carry an undeniably dominant presence and you now have just the right amount of pleasure and pain. Without Words still gives me chills. The guitar exhibition generates impressions of simplicity and intensity which range from eloquently demure to slightly demanding. Need an instant club-hit? Then, listen to Regret or Perfect (the eleven mix). Both electro-synth tunes deliver a mean fluxuation which gives rise to perfect dance floor bliss. "
-- Aurora Borealis,, 7/03

2002: Now & Forever
1. Do You Believe in Angels - EDE 95/98/99
2. Regret - Trick Mix - 2001 Perfect b-side
3. Winter - Hiver’s Mix - 2001 Perfect b-side
4. Flesh - Flesh for Life - 98 Death for Life compilation
5. Inside - Kane Mix - 98 Staring at the Sky
6. Impossible Things - 97 New Face of Apollyon compilation
7. Into the Ghost - 96 Fairytales
8. Violet’s Wedding - 96 Fairytales
9. This Tragedy - 96/02 remake
10. You - 95 Tragedy
11. She’s Dancing - 95/02 remake
12. Now & Forever - Eternity Mix - 96/98 Dracula compilation
13. The Storm (Fairytale) - 01/02 remix
"Released concurrently with The Last Dance's European Tour in April 2002, 'Now & Forever' represents the accomplishments and creativity of The Last Dance through 11 years and 4 albums. This Compilation features various versions of TLD's favorite songs, including some never released versions as well. She's Dancing and This Tragedy, 2 crowd favorites among TLD's European audiences, were specifically remade for this CD and European Tour. The Storm, a remix of a remake which appeared on 'Perfect', is exclusive to this CD as well. Other songs included here have appeared on various compilations...."

***½2003: Whispers in Rage audio
"As I popped 'Whispers in Rage' into my CD player, the first sound to greet me was that of Rachel McDonnell's violin, followed by a pounding and catchy synth line that made me wonder whether I received the new Cruxshadows album mistakenly packaged in a Last Dance CD case! But it's not, and slowly that familiar The Last Dance sound emerged, a modern TLD sound I would say, with stouter guitar riffs on the harder tracks. Most songs meld vibrant electronics with traditional goth rock, delivered by Jeff's mournful voice. 'Whispers in Rage' serves as a release of emotions, and exposes the struggle of a band following the loss of their drummer Ivan Dominguez who passed away on August 3rd 2002, due to a sudden case of pneumonia, whilst the band was on tour in Europe. The last track on the album 51501 is the band's personal tribute to their beloved fallen drummer. The song was recorded live to a 4-track in May 2001. Vocals and keys were added to the original recording to form 51501. 'It's loose and a bit sloppy' as Peter, Rick and Jeff describe it, 'but it's music in its most pure and honest form'.
' You're the lucky one who never had to say goodbye
We Dance to Remember'
The slower ballads Breath, and Silently She, are sure winners and benefit from the feminine touch of Mera Roberts' cello (from Mercurine), and Rachel's violin (from The Cruxshadows), which adds a new welcome dimension to the work. For a reason, The Last Dance felt the need to include their own goth cover version of Oingo Boingo's Dead Man's Party. They do a good job at transforming an otherwise irritating song, to a pleasant listen, but still, it's one of the tracks I programmed out of the CD rotation.
Musicfolio Picks: Breath, Nightmares, Somewhere More."
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 09/03

2005: Once Beautiful
Tracklisting: 01. Distantly 02. Once Beautiful 03. Secrets 04. World Down 05. December 06. Wish Me Closer 07. That Never Was 08. Special Little Gift 09. Wake Me Screaming 10. Desperately Still 11. Together Alone 12. Become Forever

Release Date: September 20, 2005

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