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Darren (guitar)
Jamie (bass guitar, programming, and vocals)
Peter (keyboards, guitar, master programming, and lead vocals) until 2001
Phill (vocals, programming, guitars) starting 2002

"(...) Libitina are a solid band with a small amount of members. This I think probably helps them in their music creation - the instrumentation is personal to each other, wraps around each other and all pieces of sound compliment one another in an almost perfect combination. Darkwave may have reared its moody, angst-ridden, white painted head in 1979 at the outset of The Banshees and Bauhaus - but like people, twenty years is a good age of maturity. Libitina is that maturity. "
Marcus Pan -

 Libitina Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1997: A Closer Communion

Tracklisting: 1. Esclaviditud 2. My Beautiful Sustenance 3. Painted Whiter Than White 4. The Ephemeral Bed Of Fire 5. Dies Irae 6. Drowning In The Dark 7.Smile Of The Martyr 8.Desires Of The Lonely 9. Fragility Of Self (No Siren Eyes These) 10. Epilogue (Non Credo) 11. Gothic People 12. Painted Whiter Than White (Whitewash)

"(...) How serious are Libitina?
About as serious as many a band who dress like they do and call themselves "High-camp-goth-industrial guitar heroes".
About as serious as any band who can take Pulp's Common People and twist it into a sure-fire live favourite sing-along Gothic People. That, with their live cover of Sam Fox's Touch Me (I Wanna Feel Your Body) would prompt you to think Libitina had their tongues surgically stitched to their cheeks.
Surprisingly they do the goth rock thing excellently and professionally. One listen to their 'A Closer Communion' debut CD will bear that out. It just oozes quality - equal parts Bauhaus, Danse Society early Sisters/Rosetta/Mission and a unique tangent all of their own. "
-- Aether Sanctum, Australia

***¼ 2001: Weltanschauung
Tracklisting: 1. Dreams No More 2. Betrayal 3. Samskara 4. Via Dolorosa 5. Pariah 6. Farewell My Love 7. Polemic 8. Virgins 9. Voluptuary 10. Warpaint 11. Thalatta Thalatta 12. Something of a Love Song

"Libitina's Weltanschauung is a solid mix of classic goth rock with synth and percussive rhythms, sounding like a perfect marriage between Corpus Delicti and The Cruxshadows. Influences and similarities range from Bauhaus, to Rosetta Stone and the Clan of Xymox, but Libitina is in no way deliviring cliché music; they manage to combine that familiar goth-sound with elements of modern EBM, creating a unique and appealing Libitina signature. Weltanschauung is a very welcome effort to the darkwave music database.
Favorite tracks: Something of a Love Song, Warpaint, Betrayal."
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 01/02

*½ 2003: The Shadowline
Tracklisting: 1. Matins 2. Dirt I Cannot Wash 3. Mea Culpa 4. Shibboleth 5. Colours Revealed 6. All That I Have Ever Lost 7. Mutual Faith 8. A Higher Unity 9. Diomedean Exchange 10. Lux Fiat 11. Valediction 12. Vespers
"... This album features a new lead singer, Phill, and has been produced by Reza Udhin of Inertia. The collaboration with Inertia continues with guest backing vocals supplied by Alexys B on a few tracks, including Shibboleth, one of the catchiest songs this band has recorded. As far as potential singles Mea Culpa and Dirt I Cannot Wash both stand a chance, though some of the best songs here are the slower ones, like the new version of All That I Have Ever Lost, a track that appeared on their first demo in its earlier incarnation. Overall the sound is reminiscent of Goteki or Manikin, as the music is heavier, slower, and noisier than that of the previous generation of British electro-goth bands (Suspiria, Faithful Dawn, etc). It will be interesting to see where Libitina take their sound from here; The Shadowline indicates industrial possibilities."
-- James Lowry, Fiend Magazine

** 2006: Parhelion audio
Tracklisting: 1. Duty Unbound 2. Endgame 3. Breathe 4. Landfill 5. Alea Iacta Est 6. Salvation 7. The Darkest Hour 8. Geist 9. My Heart's Kingdom 10. Panopticon 11. Memento Mori 12. Duty Bound

Release: May 2006

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