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La nuit me séduit ce soir.
-- The Dreamside
The Dreamside
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Line up (2002):
Kemi Vita - vocals
Roman Schoensee - Bass
Fried Bruggink - Guitars
Cees Viset - Guitars

THE DREAMSIDE: Gothic-Ethereal rock band from the Netherlands formed in 1994.

"Why isn't The Dreamside on everybody's lips, that's the burning question. A fact is that the debut 'Pale Blue Lights' ('94) already has given every reason for that. An album which paints musical soundscapes: sometimes romantic and enchanting, sometimes desolate and mysterious, in a way like Dead Can Dance, This Mortal Coil and the Cocteau Twins."
WH, WATT magazine

 The Dreamside Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1994: Pale Blue Lights

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***½ 1996: Apaika
"The Dreamside finds its inspiration, in a way like Dead Can Dance, from ancient European music. Gothic, not the Bat-variant (Fledermouse-variant) but more earthly, naked and honest. Compared to the debut-album, a lot of things have changed: Remco is replaced by Fried Bruggink (bass/vocals) and the arrangements are significantly improved. Just listen how the different styles perfectly melt together without sounding artificial and then understand why 'Apaika' is much more exiting. Singer Kemi Vita has a clear and expressive voice which she can handle in many ways. She sings just as easy (and convincing) in French, German or old Italian. Her tasteful supportive keyboardlines sound warm, and so do the guitar/violin/piano contributions also. Somewhere between Dead Can Dance and The Gathering this is the perfect record."
-- RB, FRET magazine

**¾ 2001: Mirror Moon
"Newest Heavenly wave gothic metal masterpiece from the Dreamside. Mirror Moon reflects timeless music delving into eroticism and mysticism, warm, melancholic atmosphere, dark Electro Beats and metal elements by songwriter Roman Schoensee all matched with the charismatic, enchanting vocals of Italian-Dutch singer Kemi Vita. Musical influences range from Dead Can Dance and The Gathering to Mephisto Waltz and Bjork. Diverse, fresh and very unique beautiful musical soundscapes."

***¾ 2002: Faery Child
"A best-of compilation intended to win the north american markets. Released in the US in Feb 2002, the record includes tracks from The Dreamside's first three albums and their single Nudas Veritas, as well as the previously unreleased song Ce Soir. While Kemi Vita does a surprisingly good job at singing the french lyrics, unfortunately Ce Soir's printed lyrics are loaded with misprints, typos and grammatical errors (even the title is misspelled as C'est Soir)!. Track 11, titled Fear of Being is actually a remix of Mirror Moon, and the last track is a remix of Faery Child by labelmates The Cruxshadows."
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 8/02

***¾ 2005: Spin Moon Magic
Tracklisting: 01. Into A Frenzy 02. Forsaken 03. The Feast Is Set 04. Open Your Eyes (feat. Rogue) 05. Gates Of Dawn 06. Somewhere Before 07. Spin Moon Magic 08. Dreaming All Of You 09. Song Of The Sirenes 10. Nocturnal 11. Joyfire 12. Slay Your Dragons + Video Track: Open Your Eyes (feat. Rogue) Bonus Track: Die Hoffnung (Dance Version)

"In listening to 'Spin Moon Magic', one is quickly reminded that The Dreamside came before their countrymen Within Temptation or bands such as Lacuna Coil or Evanescence. While this album will certainly appeal to fans of the above-mentioned acts, The Dreamside clearly demonstrate that they are capable of evolution as well. Since 1994, this gifted act has been perfecting their masterful blend of Goth, metal and powerful female vocals, peppered with lyrics that often touch on the supernatural, and topped off with stellar production. Kemi Vita's vocals are both powerful and beautiful, whether they are the driving force behind a radio-rock anthem like Forsaken or serving as the sole contrast to a delicate piano line in Somewhere Before. The fourth track and first single, Open Your Eyes, features guest vocals by Rogue of The Cruxshadows. The disc contains the video for Open Your Eyes as well as a bonus remix of the band's first song in German, Die Hoffnung."
-- press release

2007: The 13th Chapter
Tracklisting: 1. Forsaken - Vigilante Remix 2. Die Hoffnung - Angels and Agony Remix 3. Into a Frenzy - Hungry Lucy Remix 4. Forsaken - Moog Bass Remix (Acid Planet Award winner Aaron Jasinski) 5. The Sirene's Feast - Lunascape Remix 6. In Longing - Satyrian Remix 7. Unforsaken - Storm mix by IlaNoiz 8. Above Below Around - 2007 9. Treasures - ft. 18Summers 10. Nuda Veritas - 2007 11. Unspoken - ft. Kenji Siratori & Born from Pain 12. In Longing 13. Sticks and StonesBonus Feature - Forsaken Live Video

Release date: October 23, 2007

**¼ 2009: Lunar Nature
Tracklisting: 01.Everlasting 02.Silently Awake 03.When Stars Fall 04.Higher Ground 05.Sticks And Stones 06.Carry On 07.Lunar Nature 08.Hush 09.In Longing 10.Sternenkind 11.Serpents Kiss 12.Seeds Of Pain 13.Willing To Learn 14.Unspoken 15.Vlindertje

"... female fronted rock/metal bands have been a dime-a-dozen, and as ubiquitous as metalcore bands, in the last five to ten years. For me to consider the merits of another one against current trends stretches the flexibility of my credulity. After listening to The Dreamside's 'Lunar Nature', I'm not sure my feelings or skepticism have been appeased. Formed nearly 15 years ago by Italian-Dutch singer Kemi Vita, The Dreamside returns on the Lion Music label with Lunar Nature, their first disc of new music after a five year absence. (...) Musically, 'Lunar Nature' moves from mild melodic metal to pop-informed industrial washings (without the dark atmosphere) to some peculiar (and at times clever) prog-like, goth-styled hard rock. In essence, what this means is that The Dreamside offers a surprising mixture of musical compositions that won't be found in the latest stuff from After Forever, Stream of Passion, or Lacuna Coil. For representative pieces, listen to Everlasting, Carry On, Serpent's Kiss, and the title track. These two characteristics, Vita's vocals and the varied musical arrangements, will set The Dreamside apart, and that is a very good thing. Still, there is still something within 'Lunar Nature' which smacks of redundancy as if I've heard this all before. In that case, I guess I remain skeptical."
-- Craig Hartranft,, 12/09

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