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The Eden House "In The Eden House, there is no one singer. Just one intention; to create a coalition of beauty in music, vocals, talent and soul In this new collaborative project the core members are Stephen Carey, formerly of Ireland s This Burning Effigy; and Tony Pettitt, formerly of the influential Fields of The Nephilim. With each song various accomplished musicians have been involved, bringing in their own unique talents and trademark sounds to produce the atmospheric debut album that is 'Smoke & Mirrors'. The vocalists who have graced The Eden House to produce these darkly beautiful songs are Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Evi Vine, Amandine Ferrari and Monica Richards (Faith & The Muse). Also contributing are violinist Bob Loveday (Penguin Cafe' Orchestra, Van Morrison as well as currently Bob Geldof's band), former Fields of The Nephilim Peter Yates, Nod Wright and Paul Wright, along with drummers Simon Rippin (Nefilim, NFD) and Bob Irwin (Johnny Cash, Van Morrison)

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The Eden House - Smoke & Mirrors***½ 2009: Smoke & Mirrors

Track Listing: 1. To Believe In Something 2. All My Love 3. God's Pride 4. Reach Out 5. Trashed Treasure 6. Iron In The Soul 7. Fire For You 8. The Beauty Of Science 9. The Dark Half 10. Sin

"That Stephan Carey’s a busy boy isn’t he, what with Adoration, NFD and this. And his partner in prime, Tony Pettitt, he’s always busy. (...) Stephen and Tony have kidnapped, hypnotised or bribed four singers to join them on this adventure, so you’ll find Julianne Regan, Evi Vine, Amandine Ferrari and Monica Richards gracing the mikes. There are also appearances by Peter Yates, Nod Wright, Paul Wright and Simon Rippin, which might be expected, but also drummer Bob Irwin and a rather excellent violinist, Bob Loveday. Together they create something rather special. You’ll love the glossy murk of To Believe In Something with its persistent bassy throb and the idly seductive tones of Monica, with a big chorus and atmospheric strata skilfully employed to keep it bubbling throughout. Julianne then steps into the role of Julee Cruise during the tissue-thin opening to All My Love which is very Badalamenti, then she swishes the music behind her and leads them like a knowing swan. It’s an immaculately produced luminous slowie and has sun-kissed peaks to match its gleaming troughs. Amandine glides to the forefront of God's Pride and actually it sounds very Evesish! (...) The grandly leaking rock of Trashed Treasure is steered by Julianne once more to the extent I wondered if she wrote it, as it fits her like a mailed glove. Amandine is crouched in the corner of the darker, moody swirls of Iron In The Soul, emerging from cover to vibrate against the wall of mottled guitar and everything magnifies in intensity until the smart drop to a ticking exit. (...) there’s a becoming uniformity to the mood the four vocalists have taken in these songs which creates a strong overall impact. It’s an interesting mixture of classic Goth touches and ambiguous rock styles coalescing for a feel-nervous factor which is packed with crafty incident."
-- Mick Mercer,, 4/09

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