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NFD (Noise For Destruction)Line-up:
 Peter 'Bob' White - Vocals (ex-Sensorium)
 Tony Pettit - Bass (ex-FoTN)
 Simon Rippin - Drums (ex-Nefilim)

 Chris Milden - Guitars

 Stephen Carey - Guitars

"Key members of legendary goth rock band Fields Of The Nephilim have teamed up behind a new singer/guitarist/songwriter to form NFD and release their debut album ‘No Love Lost’. Tony Pettitt, Nephilim founder-bassist joined NFD after the 'Fallen' album sessions ended in 2002, excited to be with an active gigging band again. Drummer Simon Rippin, formerly of Sensorium, The Nefilim and Fields Of The Nephilim live band, and vocalist/guitarist Peter ‘Bob’ White, who previously fronted London band Sensorium, complete NFD’s core. Two guitarists augment the trio: Chris Milden and Stephen Carey, giving Bob unfettered freedom to move around on stage. And as a further treat for Nephilim fans, original Nephilim guitarist Peter Yates guests on three tracks of 'No Love Lost'. "
-- press release

 NFD Discography - Album / CD Reviews

NFD - No Love Lost***¾ 2004: No Love Lost

"Pop tinged goth moroseness which mostly would be considered turgid by all but the bleakest of goths. However, the last few tracks on the CD do have that danceable tinge to them that will get em' out on the dancefloor at goth clubs round the world. Darkness Falls and Lost Souls are catchy as hell and rather tasty goth fare. Either one could be off an album track for goth popsters HIM or the Rasmus. Overall this is standard goth, if done rather well."
-- Marty Dodge,, 12/04

"(...) Most of the songs seem to be grounded in our physical and conventional reality. The music is heavier, less etherial and less Western sounding than Fields of the Nephilim, not nearly as Death-Metal sounding as Nefilim, but it does come very close to the unofficial FOTN album 'Fallen'. There are some great melodies and chord progressions that sound exactly like something the Nephilim/Nefilim would use. The song Turbine sounds like it could have come off of 'Dawnrazor' or 'The Nephilim'. But there are instances all over the album where it sounds as if they had taken a melody or riff off of 'Elizium' and simply altered a note or two. There are even lyrics which have been liften straight off of 'Elizium'. "We can dream forever..." sung in a very similar melody as on Sumerland is one example. It was nice to hear Tony Pettit's unique bass sound and Peter Yates' stirring slide-guitar leads again. Overall it is an enjoyable record. Not a masterpiece, hardly original, but holds up for a spin when you've played your Nephilim/Nefilim albums into the ground."
-- Crypt "thecrypt777" , amazon customer review, 2/05

NFD - Dead Pool Rising***½ 2006: DeadPool Rising

Track Listing: 01. Light My Way 02. My Possession 03. Caged 04. One Moment Between Us 05. Rise 06. Black Sun 07. Descent 08. Sensless 09. Deadpool
"The album opens with the rather splendid single, Light My Way- This is big arsed rock and roll with a 1985-goth-rock standard bolted on – The album doesn’t disappoint, bridging the sounds of the main gothic rock sound with latter day darkwave / death metal – the band have all the right credentials and pedigrees to pull this off too. They out-rock their modern peers by creating compelling song structures and adding a gravelly yet acceptable vocal turn. The thumping bass and chorus of Caged is outstanding. One Moment Between Us is as moodily stadium bound as a Chameleons hit and although there’s only nine tracks on here the ethereal epic of Dead Pool has what sounds like a thousand guitars on. This may hark back to a scene that thrived 20 years ago, but it’s still damn impressive today, not least for having a meaningful, purposeful sound. Adrenalised gothic rock never sounded so good."
-- Parker Knoll,, 6/06

*** 2008: Deeper Visions

Track Listing: 01.When The Sun Dies 02.Move In Closer 03.Let It Rain 04.The Unforgiven 05.Senses Alive 06.Never Let This Die 07.When The Sun Dies (remix) 08.Caged (remix) - Bonus Videos: 09. When The Sun Dies 10.Light My Way 11.Unleashed - Live 12.One Moment Between Us
"This release includes six new songs, a couple of remixes and some videos, which should help new fans discover some of the band’s earlier work. (...) The CD finishes with remixes of When The Sun Dies and, from the 'Dead Pool Rising' album, Caged. Why there is a need to remix a song that was good enough initially is a whole separate debate, but NFD have felt the need to do so and these two tracks actually inject some venom into the album with the former certainly sounding like Mortiis has got his hands on it. The inclusion of the videos helps to make the CD an attractive package and introduces some more older NFD into the mix with songs from 'Dead Pool Rising' along with Unleashed from the 'Break The Silence' EP being served up. For all that though 'Deeper Visions' never quite has the impact that you wish it would have, sure NFD can write some really good songs but overall the whole affair seems to lack that killer punch."
-- Darren Brushneen,

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