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Last Rites
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Artist Listing: A - F G - R S - Z
 Alexander 'Nod' Wright - Vocals, drums, percussions (FoTN)
 Paul Wright - Guitars (FoTN)
 James Quinn - Guitars

 Bob Ahern - Bass

 Gareth Thorrington - Keyboards

"When they left Fields Of The Nephilim, the two brothers Paul and Nod Wright have decided to keep on playing music. Thus, they recruited guitar player James Quinn, and bass player Bob Ahern, and Last Rites was born. And, what a surprise, their first album, 'Guided By Light' should normally please the ones who like Fields Of The Nephilim… which also directly implies that it's highly probable that the ones who dislike them won't like Last Rites. So that's still damn rooted in a gothic rock style that the Wright brothers go on with their career, with some catchy tracks ('Resolution' or 'Race A Train'), and some not catchy at all. There are even, sadly for them, some very soporific passages on this album, with tracks a bit too long and not punchy enough. By the way, don't expect to find any violence here, there is none. Last Rites is really soft, not so happy, with very 'complaining' vocals, and a high quality sound, clinic and cold, that gives a sort of mechanical aspect to their music. Everything is said. You like the genre? So Last Rites might be for you. "
-- Thomas Bonnicel, EMN

 Last Rites Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***¾ 2001: Guided by Light

Track Listing: 1-Resolution 2- Race A Train 3- Land Of Oblivion 4- Obsession 5- Galleon 6-Where The Day Ends 7-Full Circle 8- The Powers That Be

"The new album of Fields of the Nephilim didn't come out this year (either), but at least the Wright brothers are here again. Their new project is called Last Rites, and the most important thing... the music is pretty much like FOTN! Last Rites offer better songs than Rubicon - the earlier project of the Wright brothers. Basslines and guitars of 'Guided By Light' remind me a lot of the legendary Elizium album of FOTN. Every song takes its place in the whole packet and it's impossible to name the best tracks of the album. You'll need to listen the full combination to find the whole power. If the future brings more albums like this, I could live without the new FOTN. "
-- Jyrki Virtanen,, 9/01

***¾ 2005: The Many Forms

Track Listing: 1-The Chalice 2- Our Alibi 3- Rageing Tide 4- Guilt Sublime 5- The Many Forms 6-Body In Decline 7- Moment Calls 8- My World Alight 9- And All Its Thorns
"'The Many Forms' brilliantly confirms the inaugural intentions of their first Opus, but it’s tighter, creating a darker and oppressive atmosphere, and also tighter in terms of their style. Somewhere between Electro and Metal, Last Rites create a modern sound; a hypnotic, cold and heavy groove which works all the way through this second indie studio album. It is also marked by the heavy support of industrial, rhythmic guitars (Rageing Tide), and the voice of Alexander Wright, whose thick, grand vocals are reminiscent of Johan Edlund of Tiamat (The Many Forms, Body in Decline). Some aspects of the percussion have a more ‘World’ musical style which is felt here and there (e.g. the instrumental transition Regression) but essentially, Last Rites seeks to give the ethereal and gloomy atmosphere a tangible lightness (Guilt Sublime, raw emotion meets cyber) which could be likened to the former hypnotic rapid chords of Fields Of The Nephilim which came out of nowhere. The guitars express an envious daring / fearlessness which does not weaken (e.g. the single, My World Alight), but which finds in the heart of these new musical architectures a corresponding ‘electro’ answer (...) What strikes us here, is that it is all the more sad to see that no label worthy of this name has been motivated to defend / represent similar work."
-- Emmanuël, Obskure Magazine, 12/05
translated by Erith, Last Rites Forum

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