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"Ego Likeness from the US has an energetic sound, gothic/electronic/rock crossover combined with triphop/ethereal influences. Most striking element are the powerful female vocals. Due to this combination of elements Ego Likeness make me think of acts like Collide (who they support on tour), Garbage and Curve, and will probably also be appreciated by fans of The Cruxshadows. The music is energetic, often with uptempo electronic beats, rocking guitars and the strong voice of Donna Lynch."
-- HD,, 10/04

"Breathy female vocals overflowing with emotion, expertly conveying the triumph of survival and the anguish of damage expressed in the lyrics. Musically, similar to Curve in their ability to utilize both ethereal/trip hop and straight up rock-n-roll elements."

 Ego Likeness Discography - Album / CD Reviews

2000: Dragonfly

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2004: Water to the Deadaudio

"The album is divided into two parts: the 'In the Water' part, including the first eight tracks, and the 'In the Ground' part, featuring the last three songs of the album (the third of which is a traditional southern folk hymn called just like the southern folk band Wayfaring Stranger). The elegant mixture of gothic, EBM and dark is focused around the vocals of Donna Lynch and Steven Archer, who are the main songwriters. Slow rhythms, nice beats, piano parts and long guitar chords, synth pads represent the playing ground for these poets of the noir sonic affair."
-- Marc Urselli-Schaerer,, 8/04

***¾ 2006: The Order of the Reptile
"... it is difficult to pinpoint what moment is the pinnacle, as both their ballads and their toe-tapping dirges are equally engaging. Weave opens the disc, clearly showcasing a merger as Donna Lynch's lilting tone seduces one into their mythology, with a sharp snare-toothed beat and verses punctuated by power chords. As its center dips into a sensual pool of violin, a bass beat rises from this melancholy mire to jump start Steve Archer's distinct guitar and deliver a solid ending. Burn Witch Burn arrives next; it is an intoxicating number, and certainly one of my personal favorites. Opening with timid fuzzy synths and a proud power chord stride, its simmers down to an elastic bass line as Lynch's voice drifts from gentle questioning to sharpen itself into a accusing snarl. (...) As an added closing bonus, Ego Likeness deliver a stunning cover of The Sisters of Mercy's Afterhours. While few have probably heard the long out-of-print original, they keep the foreboding atmosphere of the original and infuse its haunted museum at night ambience with haunting piano replacing the Sisters' slow burn guitar. (...) While the vast majority of gothic rock artists seem to have a direct sonic correlation to another older and more established forefather, Ego Likeness conjure their own unique magic. ... for those pining for a new shining star in the American gothic rock scene to guide them forward, they might just find their path with 'The Order Of The Reptile'."
-- Vlad McNeally,, 7/06

***¾ 2010: Breedless
Tracklisting: 01. Sirens And Satellites 02. Breedless 03. Inferno 04. Now Until Forever 05. The Devils In The Chemicals 06. Song For Samael 07. South 08. The Lowest Place On Earth 09. Everything Is Poison 10. Seance 11. The Queen Of All Things Taken 12. Thirty Year War

"Ego Likeness has its third album out with 'Breedless' and on this new opus we’ll again find a mixture of darkwave and electrorock. Ego Likeness recalls in its sound comparisons with bands like Clan of Xymox, Collide, Faith & the Muse and Siouxsie & the Banshees. (...) On 'Breedless' Ego Likeness manages to continue and expand their musical development. This leads to a dynamic album with a somewhat heavier sound than the previous two. The guitars of Steven Archer create a nice balance to the electronics and the warm romantic vocals of Donna. Tracks that stand out some more, because of the catchiness and dance floor potential, are Inferno, Breedless , The Devils in the Chemicals and Everything is Poison. Also more quiet songs with melancholy and delicate piano play such as Now Until Forever, Song for Samael and Thirty-Year War are played with conviction by Ego Likeness."
-- Teknoir,

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