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Band Line-up:
- Anders Manga (Vocals, Bass, Guitar)
- Sco (Synths/Bass)
- Curse (Drums)
- Devallia (Keys/Bass)

"Anders Manga broke into the scene in April of 2004 with his debut solo release, 'One Up for the Dying' on Vampture Records. Described as darkwave, goth rock, gothtronica, etc... Anders Manga has developed a quick following in many genres. He became the all-time most downloaded goth artist at with over 40,000 downloads in 2005. Songs such as Solitary Heaven, Shiver, Heart of Black and more have been turning up on DJ's playlists worldwide while We Won't Stay Dead is quickly becoming a Goth/Industrial night staple. Also in 2005, Anders Manga headlined Goth Stock in Hartford, CT, a two day festival featuring other goth/industrial artists such as The Cruxshadows, Bella Morte, Genitorturers, and many more. Two months prior he played Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia, the largest event of it's type in America before heading to Atlanta for a special show during the extremely popular fantasy arts convention, Dragoncon."
-- press release

 Anders Manga Discography - Album / CD Reviews

**** 2005: One Up for the Dying

Tracklisting: 1. We Won’t Stay Dead 2. Solitary Heaven 3. Shiver 4. The Source 5. One Up for the Dying 6. Burn 7. Heart of Black 8. See Me in the Mirror 9. Processing a Monster 10. In the Open, In the Crowd

"Darkwave, gothic, industrial, fetish, synthpop, those are just a few words that come to mind when I think of 'One Up for the Dying' by Anders Manga. This album starts out with an upbeat dance infectious We Wont Stay Dead and never lets up..... Anders Manga will quickly become a force to be reckoned with, with tracks like Shiver, Solitary Heaven, and Heart of Black. Each song on this album is better than the track before it, and all over the spectrum from music that makes you want to dance like Solitary Heaven to the ever sensual moodful Heart of Black. The album builds you up and places you in a world outside of reality. From the amazingly talented synth boards to the deep dark erotic voice of Mr Anders himself you just have to play it over and over again. There is really nothing negative that can be said about this album. I highly recommend 'One Up for the Dying'."
-- Jules,

*** 2006: Left Of An All-Time Low audio

Tracklisting: 1. This Circle 2. Empire On the Sun 3. Mutiny 4. Gypsy 5. Bloodletting On the Kiss 6. Glamour 7. What’s That Hell in Your Heaven 8. Character in Charm 9. Innocence End 10. Bad Girls Go to Hell 11. Surrender

"This marks the second full length release from independent artist Anders Manga, who has been making quite a name for himself in the goth scene. The songs are performed by the duo of Manga, who provides the vocals and plays synth and bass, and his musical partner, Sco, who delivers analog synth work and white noise. Several of the tracks seem to pay homage to Manga’s musical influences. While the edgy industrial dance track This Circle has a definitive NIN sound, the melodic Empire on the Sun is reminiscent of Assemblage 23. The updated darkwave remake of Mercyful Fate’s Gypsy pays tribute to the band’s heavy metal persuasions."
-- Devon King, Dark Realms Magazine, 3/2006

***½ 2006: Welcome to the Horror Show
Tracklisting: 1. The Shrine 2. Welcome to the Horror Show 3. Beautiful 4. Them 5. Residual Fear 6. 5150 7. Here 8. Lovely Sort of Death 9. The Mercy Seat 10. You Should Be Dead By Now

"The title track, Welcome to the Horror Show, is easily my favorite song on the album. It’s a soft, melodic song and combined with Anders deep dark voice, it is an instant hit. I guess the same could be said about the entire album but Welcome to the Horror Show is the on that stood out for me. I could just feel the torment of the song, and the piano during the chorus just added to that feeling. Beautiful, the next track, is the first track from the album to have a video and can be seen at Anders Manga’s website. It’s a dark commentary on beauty and that our collective conscience is that if our outward appearance is beautiful then our inner turmoil will disappear; I could be way off base with that though. 5150 creeped me out, when I listen to it I get images of an old house and inside and up the stairs was an old baby crib with and old crane of a woman sitting beside it gently rocking it and this song playing as the lullaby. Also on the album is The Mercy Seat, a track originally done be Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, it is excellently done; Anders took this song and made it his own."

***¼ 2007: Blood Lush
Tracklisting: 1. Blood Lush 2. Taste of Euphoria 3. At Dawn they Sleep 4. Tolerate 5. Sleeping (In the Fire) 6. Night of the Long Knives 7. Public Service Announcement 8. Science Fiction 9. I Cast You Out 10. 49 Snakes

"If there's one thing you can say about the darkwave master, Anders Manga, he is certainly prolific (four albums in under two years and a multitude of videos) - I don't believe it has even been six months since 'Welcome to The Horror Show' and here we have 'Blood Lush'. (...) The melodies are catchy and the songs interesting to listen to. In the middle of the album is Sleeping (In the Fire) (ouch!), a very strong ballad - a nice diversion from the more up-tempo darkwave tracks mainly present on the album. Public Service Announcement is clearly the most unique track, with what I believe is samples of Jack Webb from the classic television series 'Dragnet' - repetitive in nature, yet a catchy tune - sort of a mash-up of old-school techno and darkwave. 'Blood Lush' is a refreshing album for Anders Manga, adding more variation and experimentation than some of the earlier works.
-- legion,

***¾ 2008: X's and the Eyes
Tracklisting: 1. The Only 2. Apple 3. 100,000 Tears 4. X’s and the Eyes 5. There Will Be Blood 6. Trisect 7. Stoke the Fire 8. The Shrunken Head 9. Change of Skin 10. Fade to Black 11. You Don’t Wanna 12. These Colors Never Run

"X's & the Eyes, is Anders Manga newest release. The fifth album is among a string of fantastically well balanced dark Goth music. With its vibrating beats, electronically blended mystical tones and organized electronics, Anders Manga has done it again. His distinguished deep Lestat like voice along with Sco & Devallia's musical genius on the synth and keyboards, will leave you anxious to get to the dance floor; and crave to listen in any way you can to take in every musical note created by this band. Anders Manga truly knows how to create the atmosphere for Goth dark wave brooding, or the Gothic fantasy dance floor swaying. They have perfectly blended the distinctive beats we club goers know and love. The added songs Stoke the Fire that have the presence of harder rock; tease the pallet, and then the softer musical touch of These Colors Never Run & 100,000 Tears give the album further consistency. A recent hit on the UK charts is There Will Be Blood and the title track X's & the Eyes along with Apple I predict, are soon to follow in its tracks. This band plays to the heart of the gothtronica, and each new album has escalated in undoubtedly producing awesome songs that just keep adding up on the Ipod's most-want-to-listen-to-list on and off the dance floor! If you don't have any of the Anders Manga collection, you are truly missing a staple in the Gothic music genre."
-- Susan C. Kotrc, cust review, 9/08

**** 2010: Infinite Gaze to the Sun
Tracklisting: 1. Murder in the Convent 2. Catastrophe 3. Fortress In My Heart 4. Infinite Gaze to the Sun 5. The Monster Demands A Mate 6. Santa Sangre 7. The Transit Begins 8. Lead 9. The Last Alarm 10. Taste of Blood (Theme From A Random 80’s Vampire Movie)

"Anders Manga returns with his 6th full length album since 2008's critically acclaimed X's and the Eyes. This album delivers another swarm of dark dance floor ammunition, all with his signature infectious, dark melodies. 'Infinite Gaze to the Sun' was produced by Anders Manga and Devallia in Charlotte, NC. Anders wrote and recorded all the songs in a raw, guitar-driven style with no synthesizers or machines to insure they would stand on their own in a stripped down atmosphere. The demos were posted to his website to get fan feedback before transcribing the songs to his familiar 'gothtronica' sound. The result is a tour de force in dark electronic rock."
-- press release

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