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The Beauty of Gemina

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Artist Listing: A - F G - R S - Z
- Michael Sele: vocals, guitars, piano, keys, programming

- Martin Luzio: bass
- Mac Vinzens: drums
"The spectrum of The Beauty of Gemina's music stretches from dark-wave borrowings, complex industrial sounds, techno-like beats, brute rock attacks to romantic sleepy moments. Darkest tales sung by a charismatic voice, paced by hypnotic beats, tricky rhythms and ingenious baselines. In doing so rarely playful but often purposeful and striving forward."

 The Beauty of Gemina Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***½ 2007: Diary of a Lost audio

Tracklisting: 1 Suicide landscape 2 One step to heaven 3 Hunters 4 Kingdoms of cancer 5 Victims of love (Qui tollis) 6 Forgiveness 7 Nevertime 8 Trapped 9 Monsters in me 10 Fight song 11 Isle of desire 12 Lovehate 13 Le rêve de l'infidèle

"'Diary of a Lost' - a journey along the edge to the darkest depths, through the fogs of the Shadowland, past demons and temptations, driven by body blows and an ever thrusting force of hope. The destination being the island of salvation, often unreachably remote, suddenly clearly and unambiguously before the eyes. A lyrical search for truth and peace of mind. A story on finding and being found."

"'Diary of a Lost' is an epic journey through futuristic kingdoms of love and peace, full of classical samples and gothy trance breakbeats, one of which can be found in the middle of Victims of Love. The music featured on 'Diary of a Lost' is absolutely phenomenal, heartfelt and pushes the limits of synthpop itself. Not many have as creatively put forth an album that is this complete and romantic in its very nature. Few have even made songs to rival the likes of 'Diary of a Lost'. (...) The album is full of beauty and melody while still maintaining a hard-stomping dance beat, and has a beautiful message behind it. The lyrics themselves are written intelligently and poetically while the vocals are sang in the tone of melancholy, but somehow still represent the emotion of hope. The Beauty of Gemina have masterfully crafted perhaps a few of the next goth club hits on this album..."

***½ 2008: A Stranger to Tears audio

Tracklisting: 1. Galilee Song 2. This Time 3. Psycho Flood 4. Shadow Dancer 5. Colours of Mind 6. The lonesome Death of a Goth DJ 7. Heart of a Gun 8. In your Eyes 9. Into Black 10. One Day 11. Last Kiss 12. Narcissus 13. Simple Death 14. Tell me why 15. Wishful Promise 16. Essai Noir
Musicfolio picks: This Time, Psycho Flood, Shadow Dancer, Into Black

"... On this album the band once again delivers a mixture of dark-rock, wave, industrial and electro. The unique vocals of Michael Sele, which reminds in some way of Alexander Veljanov's voice, is floating in a rather impressive way around the darkness of the new songs. (...) The Beauty Of Gemina succeeded in adding some inventive rock elements which are a benefit to the use of hard-hitting beats and the intensive, dark synth soundwaves, without losing sight of the 'dance-ability'. The more atmospheric pieces are reduced to the minimum but a sober song like Into Black is more than welcome on this kind of CD. The lyrics are all about pain, despair, loneliness and redemption like in almost every other gothrock-related band's lyrics...
With 'A Stranger To Tears' The Beauty Of Gemina shows that their country - wellknown for it's mountains, chocolates and Emmental cheese - is now also situated on the musicmap. Knowing, the second release is always a tough one, this album shows that the best is yet to come."
-- sx-base,, 10/08

**¾ 2010: At the End of the Sea

Tracklisting: 01. Dark Rain 02. Obscura 03. Rumours 04. Kings Men Come 05. Sacrificed To The Gods 06. End Of All 07. Counting Tears 08. In Silence 09. A Fortune Tellers Dream 10. Black Cat Nights 11. Narcotica 12. Endless Sleep

"After their first two releases with a gloomy atmospheric electro wave sound Beauty of gemina manage to continue on the trodden path, yet sprinkle it with more variation and rock influences on this third release. The increased variation can also be found in Michael’s vocals as well as the melodic scope of octaves used. The album contains twelve tracks and is finished of by a thirteenth instrumental track. Although in general the quality and diversity within the tracks is very high there are two gems that really stand out in my opinion. The fifth track “Sacrificed to the Gods” contains, what I think, is a sitar and thus creates a relatively different setting for the song making it stronger and attract real attention from the listener. Additionally the title track attracts attention by the many figures of speck really defining the bands view of the tale."
-- Joost,

2012: Iscariot Blues

Tracklisting: 1. Vioces of winter 2. Haddon hall 3. Badlands 4. Golden age 5. Stairs 6. Prophecy 7. Dark revolution 8. June 2nd 9. Seven-day wonder 10. Last night home

Release date: Jan 13, 2012
-- Joost,

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