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"Best known in the industry as a member of the very popular EBM band Icon of Coil, Andy LaPlegua is a man with an insatiable appetite for music. His experience with numerous genres before his involvement in Icon of Coil has given LaPlegua the knowledge and skills necessary to not only remain a major part of the scene but also continue to push the envelope in every project he’s involved in. In 2003 LaPlegua formed Combichrist, a side project much more aggressive than Icon of Coil with an electro-industrial sound. Having not satisfied his craving for harsh sounds and hard hitting beats, LaPlegua created Panzer AG. Combining power noise elements with dance fueled beats, Panzer AG creates a distinct and unique sound amidst the monotony of the electronic music scene."
Metropolis Records, bio

  Panzer AG Discography - Album / CD Reviews

***¼ 2004: This is My BattleField audio
"'This Is My Battlefield', the band’s debut album, features 15 loud and scathing tracks, which pound ruthlessly from beginning to end. Incorporating a mix of industrial, noise and trance elements, 'This Is My Battlefield' provides a generous blend of genres and languages, as it switches between German and English, in turn producing an addictive sound. The album explores the topic of corruption in government and society in a harsh and satirical manner which successfully sets Panzer AG apart from other bands in the genre."
-- press release
"What makes it so good is not that it is a combination of power noise and dance based beats, but rather that it is such a wonderful melting pot of Industrial styles. It can hardly be categorized so simply as power noise. With each listen I discover something new that reminds me of another band, from a wide range of sub-genres. That it can do it so well, and with such consistency makes it beyond just simple imitation, escaping even the idea of being labeled a clone band because the dna (to continue the metaphor) is a swirling mass of collected chromosomes. This is my battleground is really a battleground of musical inspiration. This is a definite winner here in that it should appeal to just about everyone that listens to Industrial, no matter what that label means to them."
-- Squid,, 11/04

***2006: Your World Is Burningaudio

Tracklisting: 01. Introduction OTD 02. Aenimal 03. Machinegun Gogo 04. Among The Few 05. Paper Angels 06. Monster 07. Moerketid 08. Crash N Burn 09. Not Too Late 10. Tip The Dancer 11. Mother 12. When I Am You

"It seems Icon of Coil's Andy LaPlegua can't sit still for three minutes. (...) 'Your World Is Burning' combines stripped-down electronic tracks with occasional heavy synth and tastes of rock guitars to craft enigmatic, dark pop. Friendlier than industrial but spookier and less danceable than rave mixes, Panzer AG almost shoots for the mainstream before taking sharp turns into a sound that's almost comically gothic. Paper Angels is the strongest point of the entire disc, doing what LaPlegua does best: wooing people to the dance floor. Similar could be said for Crash N Burn. Where 'Your World Is Burning' excels is when it motivates people to move. Some of its slower tracks, like Not Too Late, are beautiful creations of mood and round out the disc properly. [But] it's mixed bag with this album: standout tracks and total cheese. Monster is a schticky song straight out of B-horror, Tip the Dancer has some of the most ridiculous pseudo-sexy lyrics of all time, and the disc opener Aenimal features a singalong spelling of FUCKHEAD. Where Marilyn Manson can pull off things like this and make it work, Panzer AG is winceworthy."
-- Gloomchen,, 5/06

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