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"Destroy the world to save it"
-- The Retrosic
The Retrosic
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Lyrics, vocals, programming: Cyrus
Guest female vocals: Zaide

"This German EBM act grabs Wumpscut's chewed up aggro baton and runs it directly into a modern era of dancefloor-ready synthetic nihilism."
-- splendidezine, 9/04

"Heavy, pulsing beats, demonic vocal utterances and grim gothic melodies comprise this excellent chunk of aggro-industrial. This must be what it's like to be pummeled by the beasts of hell (while at a dance club) that appreciate gothic music. Brutal distorted vocals spear through thick pounding dance beats and un-ignorable electronic melodies complete the picture. "
-- Kristofer Upjohn,

 The Retrosic Discography - Album / CD Reviews

2001: Prophecyaudio

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2002: Messa Da Requiem (EP)audio

"... the record could as well have had a sticker on the cover that said ~guest vocals by Rudy Ratzinger~. The music on the other hand is not exactly like Rudy's. It sometimes has the feeling that 'Wreath of Barbs' had, but it's pretty vague. Once you've gotten used to the similar vocals you don't focus on that so much. The opening track on this EP, Ground Zero is an excellent EBM piece. It has all the elements of a perfect dance track; the pounding rhythms, catchy melody and a great chorus. It's on this song that the :W: influences show the most. But being influenced by a band is not the same as copying the artist in question, and I think The Retrosic pulls this off quite well. (...) The surprises are the new versions of Taste of Death that are included, titled T.O.D Requiem Edt 1 and Requiem Edt 2. On these tracks Zaide appears once again, but this time she does a far better work, her voice together with Cyrus' sounds great."
-- Mattias Andersson,, 6/02

***¾ 2004: God of Hellaudio

"For those not familiar with The Retrosic, think the vocals of Suicide Commando and the music of :Wumpscut:, Velvet Acid Christ and Funker Vogt all wrapped into one. 'God Of Hell' is an electronic force to reckon with. Take a track like New World Order, which obliterates your eardrums with a beat that shakes the room, vocals that are harsh and succinct and synthesizer layerings that compliment the track as a whole perfectly. The music of this track is most definitely club friendly, but would make a perfect backdrop for driving down the interstate or freeway of your choice traveling at about 90 mph. In a world of sweet pop music and melodramatic love songs, Cyrus takes The Retrosic's dark and evil sound, as well as the album's visual elements, on his shoulders and hoists them at light speed at your ears and eyes with the vengeance of a pissed off rhino ready to gore your intestines all over the pretty posies. The Retrosic is ready to shatter the pitiful norm of the music scene and delivers with a punch worthy of Muhammad Ali breaking bread in his trunks out of fear."
-- pitchfork, RegenMag, 2/04

***½ 2006: NightCrawler

Tracklisting: 01. Unleash Hell 02. Revolution 03. Desperate Youth 04. Bloodsport 05. Deathdealer 06. The Lucky Ones 07. Quid Pro Quo 08. Silence 09. Bomb 10. Exit

"With their previous album 'God Of Hell' The Retrosic cemented their position as one of the premiere Dark Elektro acts working in the scene today. Finally, the masters return with long rumoured new album 'Nightcrawler'. This long in gestation epic is another plague ridden journey into filthy black Electro, incessant aggro beats and caustic, razor sharp vocals. Furthermore 'Nightcrawler' explores new dark avenues of sound design pulsing with powerful grooves and beats, symphonic classical passages and shivering electro tunes...while alienated guitars and distorted sounds provide the kind of rawness The Retrosic are famous for."
"Nightcrawler is ten tracks of aggressive sonic mayhem. From the moment the perfectly titled opening track Unleash Hell hits you, realization sets in on how destructive the force is that has just been let loose in your world. The album bulldozes its way from start to finish, with each track harder and more forceful than the one before it. Songs like Revolution, Desperate Youth, and The Lucky Ones will obliterate any dance floor with the power of 10,000 nuclear warheads."

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