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For 20 years, Heppner has been known as the front man of one of the most successful and most influential bands in recent German music history. With the Electro Pop and Dark Wave act Wolfsheim, he accomplished everything possible: ever present radio hit singles (Kein Zurück, Once In A Lifetime, Find You’re Here, Blind); Awards for their albums, and numerous top chart placements ('Casting Shadows', 'Spectators'); storming headlining performances at the biggest festivals and sold-out tours in Europe and the US; and all this on a small, independent label without loosing their indie credibility or making compromises.

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** *¼ 2008: Solo

"The first solo release by the man with one of the most distinctive voices in German synthpop. José-Alvarez Brill (Witt, De/Vision, Kosheen, Xandria) not only has co-composed three of the ten songs, but also produced them [in Berlin]; the rest of the album was recorded in a studio in London with the renowned Scotsman Peter-John Vettese, who has worked for Pet Shop Boys, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Dido, Annie Lennox, Simple Minds etc over the years. Especially through the work with Vettese, the much noted textual work of the singer received another boost. "As a result of producing in the UK, I had to speak English all day, not only about everyday’s stuff but also about complex musical relations." (...) Indeed, the lyrics of songs such as Suddenly, No Matter What It Takes or Being Me reached a depth and intensity, which is remarkable, even for Heppner; and perfectly complemented by immersive trenchant songs like Alleinsein or the unmistakable I Hate You. That self-esteem isn’t only revealed lyrically, but also in the musical diversity of the CD. The good mood single ‘Alleinsein’ is counterpointed by introverted material like Easy, melancholic tunes like Suddenly and eclectic tracks like Walter and I Hate You, altogether merging into a cohesive body of work."

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