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Will I get back to who I adore
Thus spoke the raven: Nevermore
Come to me, ravenheart
Messenger of evil
-- Xandria
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German gothic metal band founded by Marco in 2000, with main influences such as Tiamat, Anathema, and The Gathering.
Marco-guitar, keyboard, vocals

 Xandria Discography - Album / CD Reviews

2002: Kill The Sun

Tracklisting: 01. Kill The Sun 02. Mermaids 03. Ginger 04. She's Nirvana 05. Forever Yours 06. Casablanca 07. So You Disapear 08. Wisdom 09. Isis / Osiris 10. Calyx Virago
"This is gothic/symphonic metal with a light celtic/folk infusion. Celtic influences aside, Xandria are broadly comparable to bands like Lacuna Coil, The Gathering and Within Temptation, the main distinguishing feature being vocalist Lisa Middelhauve's softer, more blending tones, which effectively harmonize with, rather than punctuate the music. 'Kill The Sun' has for the most part a level of skill and artistry that will go on to shape the band's future direction and pleasantly surprise it's target audience. Kill The Sun, Mermaids, Ginger and Wisdom are all a rewarding listen, while the album's mid-section is undeniably labored in parts. Exceptionally, Casablanca has energy and bite in its opening riff, but demanded a more gritty and passionate vocal delivery. The finale offers a surprise break from the trodden path, particularly Isis / Osiris, which would not sound out of place on any of Garbage's offerings. Calyx Virago then steers the album towards a lifeless, soporific denouement, only to be interrupted by a passage of relatively up-tempo Spanish guitar - quite beautiful, but so criminally out of place."
-- Colin Patterson, for, 12/09

***¼ 2004: Ravenheart

Tracklisting: 01. Ravenheart 02. The Lioness 03. Back To The River 04. Eversleeping 05. Fire Of Universe 06. Some Like It Cold 07. Answer 08. My Scarlet Name 09. Snow-White 10. Black Flame 11. Too Close To Breathe 12. Keep My Secret Well
"After the previous mediocre 'Kill the Sun', Xandria comes back with a good CD, that I’m sure will bring them near to Nightwish, Within Temptation etc… The production and the arrangements have been realized with a great care, and there are also some good original ideas concerning compositive aspects. Gothic is mixed with Celtic , but I notice an evident influence from Power concerning many rhythmic parts. The title track gets an unforgettable refrain into a Power sweet song in which Lisa is able to touch the heart with an intense interpretation. (...) Not all songs strike originality and even if the album sounds excellent I notice the lack of ideas listening to Fire of Universe, a monotonous song in which the band is not able to find the perfect groove. (...) Answer is one of the best songs on this album. A great melody, a great song in which Lacuna Coil influences meet the originality of this band. My Scarlet-Name is a sad gothic song characterized by a cadenced rhythm and some original Celtic influences...On the whole a good release; an essential one for gothic souls."
-- Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo,, 6/04

***¾ 2005: India

Tracklisting: 01. India 02. Now & Forever 03. In Love With The Darkness 04. Fight Me 05. Black & Silver 06. Like A Rose On The Grave Of Love 07. Widescreen 08. The End Of Every Story 09. Who We Are (And Who We Want To Be) 10. Dancer 11. Winterhearted 12. Return To India
"(...) The latest Xandria offering is a collection of contrasts - ranging from bombastic Nightwish metal such as the title track to calm, orchestrated music like for example the sad ballad Danger. Nightwish and Within Temptation are two natural reference points that appear as obvious when listening to an album like this and no doubt the success of these bands lately have paved the way for a second wave of female fronted metal bands. "India" may be both pretentious and pompous from time to time but above all it is a beautiful walk through the diverse landscape that modern music has to offer. Collaborating with the Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg (also known from the movie 'Schindler's List' as well as Rammstein and Rosenstolz) and a popular Irish folk band, Xandria prove that they're not afraid of exploring new ground and widen their horizons. While graced with energy and epic grandeur, 'India' is quite a dark and sad album overall."
-- Vincent Eldefors,

***¼ 2007: Salomé - The Seventh Veil

Tracklisting: 01. Save My Life 02. Vampire 03. Beware 04. Emotional Man 05. Salomé 06. Only for the Stars in your Eyes 07. Firestorm 08. A New Age 09. The Wind and the Ocean 10. Sisters of the Light 11. Sleeping Dogs Lie 12. On My Way

"A breath of oriental magic, a slight touch of disreputableness, and the promise of a secret about to be revealed – these associations are conjured up whenever the dance of the seven veils is mentioned, be it in the title of the new Xandria opus, 'Salomé – The Seventh Veil', in connection with Herodias' daughter, or with her legendary predecessors. The Persian goddess Ishtar is said to have performed this fabled dance to bring her husband, Tammuz, back from the underworld. Seven veils had to fall before her wish was fulfilled. Isis is also associated with the sevenfold unveiling. And didn't Xandria's 2003 debut, 'Kill The Sun', include a track entitled Isis/Osiris? The band surrounding vocalist Lisa Middelhauve have obviously always had a penchant for myths with an exotic flair. When the band from Bielefeld, Germany, made straight for the album charts, carried by a Celtic breeze on the black wings of 'Ravenheart', that mythical element accompanied them. (...) Sisters Of The Light with its Middle-Eastern pop leanings is strongly recommended to all oriental dance aficionados. Vampire or Emotional Man, on the other hand, come through the speakers just as vehemently and seductively, combining between driving guitars and haunting melodies all the strengths of the predecessor albums. The latter (as well as Only For The Stars In Your Eyes) is additionally supported by guest vocalist Mika Tauriainen's (Entwine) vocals. Talking of vocals: Lisa displays an increasing tendency to use the lower register of her voice, which decidedly expands the expressive range of the new Xandria material. The powerful performance enhances tender moments such as the haunting piano ballad, The Wind And The Ocean even further through contrasting elements."
-- press release

Xandria - Neverworld's End2012: Neverworld's End

Tracklisting: 01. A Prophecy Of Worlds To Fall 02. Valentine 03. Forevermore 05. Euphoria 04. Blood On My Hands 06. Soulcrusher 07. The Dream Is Still Alive 08. The Lost Elysion 09. Call Of The Wind 10. A Thousand Letters 11. Cursed 12. The Nomad's Crown 13. When The Mirror Cracks (bonus track)

Release Date: Feb 27, 2012 (Europe), March 6, 2012 (USA)

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