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We sail a thousand years
against the wish of our host,
Driven by a thousand fears

as we sway upon the ocean of lost
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Christian Meyer (lv) - vocals & programming

Harald Schmid (LFO) - bass, keyboards, programming
Markus Schmid (8o8)- drums, percussion
Bernhard Wieser (burn)- guitars

Floodland is an Austrian goth-rock band formed in 1995, who inherited their name from their main influence cult band: The Sisters of Mercy. Their discography includes so far a demo CD "Chapter One" released in 1995, a maxi CD "Seasons" released in 1997, and two full length albums: "The Now and Here Is Never" (98), "Ocean of the Lost" (01) and Decay (02).
They supported live shows for such acts as The Gathering, Marilyn Manson, Christian Death and Letzte Instanz.

  Floodland Discography - Album / CD Reviews

1998: The Now and Here is Never

Track Listing: 1-the now and here is never. 2-war in my head 3-digital heaven 4-sister of mercy 5-talking to my radio 6-trust, believe & die 7-shepherd death 8-marionette 9-the plague 10-black rain 11-neon dreams 12-too late 13-behind the unicorn
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***¼ 2001: Ocean of the Lost
Track Listing: 1-white skin, black soul 2-ocean of the lost 3-crepusculum 4- never 5-i standing fall 6-always on the wrong side 7-the dawn (version) 8-remembering tomorrow 9-coming home tonight 10-mist of time 11-sea of light 12-prague 13-1648 14-the camp 15-coming home tonight (reprise)

"Heavily influenced by The Sisters of Mercy, Floodland's music doesn't claim to be innovative by any means. The song lyrics wander around cliched existential dark themes of despair, disappointment and misguidance.
But by recognising that as with most goth-rock bands, the similarities with the Sisters style are inherent, "Ocean of the Lost" offers way more than the average goth rock album out there. Catchy melodies, solid guitars and keyboard layering, and a powerful voice delivering an appealing package, with hightlights on songs like Sea of Light, Prague, and Never (which features the female backing vocals of Zuzana Stream)."
Said Sukkarieh,, 2/02

***¼ 2002: Decay
Track Listing: 1.Enthymeme 2.Dorian 3.Morning won't come tonight 4.Rainchild 5.Dark town 6.Pile of delusion 7.Coincidence 8.Decay 9.Rejected 10.First flower after the flood

"It looks like our friends from Austria haven't been slacking off in the past year. Decay, their follow up to Ocean of the Lost, was released in Nov 2002, and it's pretty much what you would expect: a catharsis experience through dark melancholic rock tunes.
A couple of un-engaging tracks dispersed throughout, tend to clutter the album. But there are some superior songs on Decay like the haunting progressive Dark Town, and the glam-inspired Coincidence, which includes some fine saxophone playing, and hypnotic middle-eastern female backing vocals.
But most importantly, the album sees the quartet starting to cut loose from their more obvious Sisters influences, with songs like Coincidence, Morning Won't Come Tonight, and Rainchild, all of which bring to mind prominent icons like David Bowie and Bauhaus.
Floodland seem to be one step away from defining their very own sound. Is it time for a new band name to cut loose the remaining binding strings?"
Said Sukkarieh,, 12/02

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