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Hollow - The Drowning Season
The Drowning Season
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Artist Listing: A - F G - R S - Z
Line-up (2003):
Matt Slowikowski - Lead Vocals & Programming

Tim Gutierrez - Guitars
Michael 'Chewka' Marchewka - Guitars
Sideshow - Drums, Bass, Strings

THE DROWNING SEASON: A guitar based goth rock band from Baltimore, MD, formed in 1999.
Influences: The Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, The Mission UK and March Violets.

"The Drowning Season's sound can be described as smooth guitars and vocals with rock beats and a twist of gothic sentiment."
eEl (Unsung Hero)

 The Drowning Season Discography - Album / CD Reviews

**¾ 2002: Hollow {short description of image}

Track Listing: 1- Hollow 2-Violet Sky 3-Perfect Dream 4-Six Feet Under 5-Ashes 6-Godspeed 7-White Sand, Red Sand 8-Gun 9-Common Things 10-Grace

"Guitar driven goth rock for those who miss the Rock in Goth, offering a few driving tracks for smoky dancefloors. The title track is unfortunately one of the weaker songs of the album. Highlights would have to be the FotN-influenced Violet Sky, the catchy Godspeed echoing early Mission sounds, and the synth hooks of the closing track Grace.
... Of course, Sideshow is none but the drummachine, the equivalent of The Sisters' Doktor Avalanche or The Merry Thoughts' ThoughtMachine!"
-- Said Sukkarieh,, 8/02

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